Email for Poor Performance in Sales

People working in any department of the company are required to show compliance with the policy of the company. Since they are paid for the work they do, there is a certain number of expectations they have to meet. Their performance is continuously monitored and when they are not performing up to the mark, they can be taken to task.

An email is an electronic correspondence between an employer and the employee that lets the employee know that his performance in sales is not meeting the standards of the company and he needs to improve his performance. In some cases, this email is also used to reprimand the employee for his bad performance.

What an email for bad performance in sales should do?

This email should tell the employee that his/her work behavior is not useful for the company and the company is going to lose rather. In the same email, the employer makes it clear that the company can’t ignore this kind of conduct in the sales department. The email should shed light on how important it is for an organization to have productive and active people in the company.

How to write the email?

Add the subject:

Your email must include the subject as you are writing to the salesperson who you want to take your email seriously. The subject line is brief and tells the reader what the email is about. In addition, the employee does not ignore the email when he learns after reading the subject that there is something serious being discussed in the email.

Mention the purpose of the email:

It should be stated in the email clearly that you are writing this electronic mail because you are concerned about the poor performance of people hired by you in the sales department. Mention it in the letter that you have seen the monthly report and it has revealed some shocking information to you.

Discuss the results of the monthly report:

The employee should know that the email you are writing is an outcome of the monthly report that has uncovered the bad performance of the employee. So, discuss the results and tell the employee that he has not been taking his work seriously and this has disappointed you.

Describe what you want:

This section of the email varies from employer to employer. Some choose to remain calm and address their expectations from the employee so that the salesperson can also understand how disappointed it would be for his boss to see his performance deteriorating each day.

Some employers also choose to use a strict tone to warn the employee to improve his performance. Since your priority is your company, explain it emphatically that you would not compromise on the quality of work and therefore, you don’t want to see the same deteriorating and low quality work in the sales department again.

Read the sample letter given below.

Sample email:

Dear Mr. ABC,

I hope this email finds you in the best health and well-being. I have recently received the performance report of all the people working in the sales department for March. I am so disappointed to see that in the list of poor performers, your name is on the top.

You were given the target of carrying out 100 sales in a month. However, you conducted only 50 sales. It has been reported that you are coming to work punctually and due to this, there has been a prominent decline in your performance.

You have always been a very dedicated salesperson and I appreciate the diligence and hard work you have put in. However, the current sales report has blown my mind away. I was expecting you to be among the list of best performers. I am highly dissatisfied with the work you do.

If you have any problem in your home that is affecting your work, you can feel free to get in touch with me and share. I would like to see you shine again and outperform all your co-workers.


Email for Poor Performance in Sales

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