Email to Former Employer for Unpaid Salary

An email to the former employer for the unpaid salary after leaving the job is an email, that is written and sent by an ex-employee, and is addressed to his/her former employer. In this email, the individual highlights that he has not received his last salary or any due salary and requests the former employer to release his money. It is a formal email, that is sent to the formal email address of the former employer, and any other related individual can be kept in the loop.

When a person leaves a job, it is not necessary that all his dues get cleared immediately. The formal procedures and rules often take time to release the payments of the employee, who is going away. In addition, sometimes, the date of the last salary payable to the employee has not come till the time of leaving of the employee, which means that he will receive his salary later on. However, if the due money is not given even after an official waiting period, the ex-employee would write an email to the former employer for the unpaid salary after leaving the job.

The content of this email varies as per:

  • The situation,
  • The gap between the due date of the salary payment and the current date,
  • The company policies,
  • The need of the ex-employee,
  • The non-cooperation of other staff members, etc.

However, usually, the email is kept short and crisp. The main purpose of this email is to notify the former employer and request him to give the unpaid salary. Further, sometimes, the ex-employee tries to contact the accounts or finance department before the employer, but due to their non-cooperation, he has to reach out to the employer directly, with his issue and request.

Generally, the following information is included in such emails:

  • Date.
  • Former employer information.
  • Ex-employee information.
  • The issue of unpaid salary.
  • State why and how it is due.
  • Request for its release.
  • State why it is required soon, if the individual wants to provide the reason, make his case strong and speed up the process.

When the employer receives this email, if his intentions are clear, he would order the relevant department to clear the ex-employee’s salary payment. In addition, he might also take an action against the non-cooperative staff.

If the employee has worked properly and has left the job through the required procedure, he deserves to be paid. Some employers deduct unnecessary amounts from the salaries of the employees, who are resigning. This is quite unfair, and it might result in legal action taken by the employees, and then, the employers would have to face the consequences.

Sample Email


Dear Mr. Mathew,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health.

It was a pleasure working with you but unfortunately, I had to move to another city for personal reasons. I worked for ABC Limited till 30th September 20XX. As September was my notice period, I was expecting my September paycheck till 10th October 20XX. However, it is 25th October, and I still have not received my salary. I have tried to contact the accounts department as well but did not receive any proper answer.

Kindly, investigate the matter, and process my request. I will be grateful, if you release my payment soon, as I am settling in a new place, and need finances for that.

Thank you.

Sarah Watson.

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