Letter to Recover Pending Salary from Ex-employer

A letter to recover the pending salaries from the ex-employer is a letter that is written by the ex-employee of an organization whose dues have not been cleared completely when he left the organization. It is addressed to the ex-employer of the individual. In this letter, the ex-employee mentions his unpaid salaries and requests the ex-employer to release his pending money.

There are many reasons why an ex-employer owes his ex-employee money, such as:

  • The employer’s organization was not in a position financially to pay the salaries.
  • There was a change of management in the last months of the leaving of the employee, which caused the delay in the payment of salaries.
  • The organization wanted to analyze the employee’s resignation case before releasing his pending salaries.
  • The employee left in a hurry and did not have time to clear his dues.

Irrespective of the reason, when the employee wants to request his ex-employer for the unpaid salaries, he would write a letter to recover the pending salaries from the ex-employer. The content of this letter may vary as per the circumstances, the amount due, organizational policies, time-lapse, etc. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the ex-employer.
  • Details of the ex-employee.
  • The issue of the pending salaries, including the amount owed.
  • Reason behind the delays and remind about the difficult circumstances of the company.
  • Refer to the improvement in the company.
  • Request for the release of the due payment.
  • Reason behind the request if the ex-employee wants to provide to speed up his case.
  • Request for the payment on a required date, if applicable.

Through this letter, the employee highlights his issue and case, which may have been overlooked or forgotten by the employer. As this letter brings the case back to the attention of his ex-employer, assuming the clear intentions, the ex-employer would release his pending salaries soon.

However, some employers do not want to clear the dues of their ex-employees, as they are no longer benefiting their organization. In such cases, if the employee takes the case to the court, and uses this letter for legal reference or use as evidence, the ex-employers may have to pay heavy penalties.

Sample letter to recover pending salary from ex-employer

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I hope you are in the best of your health.

I have heard that ABC Limited has become financially stable again. I am so glad to hear that, as my time there was precious, and I still want the best of things, even if I am not employed there anymore.

I have a request to make. I worked at your company till 30th September 20XX. As 2020 and 2021 were not financially good years for our company, we experienced delays in our salaries. However, as ABC Limited has always made prompt payments, we as employees shared your burden as well. When I left, my three months’ salary was due, and the accounts department could not clear it. I told them, that I will request the payment once the company starts improving.

Now that ABC Limited has started becoming stable, I want to request the release of my unpaid salaries, which amount to $[X]. I need this money soon, as I have to clear my medical bills. I will be very grateful, if you can give me the money that you owe till 15th October 20XX.

Thank you.


Sarah Shayne.

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Detailed Format

Re. Request for the Release of Pending Salaries

Dear Malcolm, I am Jennifer Dale from the Backster Street Housing, Boston. The letter has been written regarding my pending salaries from August 20XX to September 20XX. I am referring to my resignation case as I resigned from the designation of Assistant IT Manager from the OLP IT Services (OLPIS) on 1st September 20XX with prior notice of twenty-nine days i.e., effective from 30th September 20XX.

I have not been paid my salary for the past two months, August and September. I had been told two reasons behind not paying the salaries that included:

  1. Financial instability of the OLP IT Services Company due to Covid-19 and Economic meltdown of the IT Services in the recent past. This reason was validated for August 20XX, according to the remarks of the Senior Finance Manager of the company.
  2. My resignation case was not studied and analyzed completely, and it was told that salary can be released only after the directorial approval of my resignation.

Recently, I came to know that the company’s financial growth has been stable now and I am greatly delighted to know that as I have been a part of this company and I wish the company to grow by leaps and bounds. Secondly, as I believe that my resignation case would have been studied by the Directorate of Employees Affairs (DEA), I request you to release my pending salaries after having the approval of my resignation.

It has been more than a month when I resigned, and it should have been approved and studied well. I have various bills pending owing to my pending salaries at OLPIS. My bills include the installments of my medical insurance, monthly payment for the installment of my car, fortnight billing of my building surcharge.

I hope you understand the quintessentially of the payment viewing my financial crunch. I have always been standing beside the company through thick and thin. I have always expressed great cooperation and compromise in all matters of the company in it difficult times, therefore, I believe that good cannot be returned in any way other than good, therefore, I expect you to speed up the process of my pending salaries i.e., $3000 for the twin months of August and September 20XX.

I shall be gratified at your act of responsibility and honesty if you please release the pending amount you owe to me. You can deposit the said amount in my bank account. Following are the details of the account:

Account No. 20231-424234-34
Title: Jennifer Keith Dale
Bank: DSJ Bank of USA (PVT)
Branch: Silver-C
Branch Code: 230-20

Please respond by writing to me at [EMAIL] or call at +1-[X]. Thanks.


Jennifer Dale
Ex-Assistant IT Manager
OLP IT Services
Boston, CA, USA.

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