Letter to Boss for the Money he owes the Employee

A letter to ask the boss for the money he owes the employee is a letter that is written by an employee and is addressed to the employer of the organization. In this letter, the employee notifies the employer about the unpaid money that is due on the employer’s part. This letter serves the purpose of a reminder letter as well as it is used to request the employer for the release of the owed payment.

An employer may owe the employee money for various reasons, such as:

  • The company was facing financial issues and could not pay the salaries or proper payments to the employees.
  • The employee is resigning, or his contract is ending, and the employer has not cleared his dues.
  • The employee was promised a raise or a bonus, that has not been paid along with his salary.
  • The employee had the granted benefit of medical reimbursements or other reimbursements, which has not been made.
  • The promised allowances are not cleared.
  • The employee is expecting his gratuity or employee provident fund, and the employer has not paid it yet.

The delayed payments by the employer may impact the employee financially. However, when an employee needs to remind or request his employer for the money, that is owned by the latter, he needs to communicate formally and professionally. In such scenarios, a letter to ask the boss for the money he owes to the employee is written. The tone of this letter needs to be polite, and not aggressive and condescending. The request should be made in a way that the employer should not get offended.

The content of such letters may vary as per:

  • The owed amount,
  • The policies of the organization,
  • The urgency and need of the money for the employee,
  • The time delay, etc.

However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Employer information.
  • Employee information.
  • The case of money owed, with all the relevant information including the amount, why is it owed, etc.
  • Request for the payment release.
  • Need of the money, if the employee wants to mention.
  • Seek timely payment.
  • State a date, and request payment till that date.

Sometimes, this letter proves to be very fruitful. The employer may have forgotten or is unaware about the owed money, and this letter would remind him to release the payment. Further, as this is a formal letter, if the employer does not make the payment, and the employee takes the case to the court, this letter can be used as legal evidence.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am writing this letter to send you a reminder for my unpaid salaries, that amount to $[X].

As a considerate employee, I understood that our company was facing financial issues and we as part of the work-family had to bear the burden. However, now that the condition has improved due to the recent inflow of various projects, I want to request you to release the payment that you owe to me.

As I was not receiving my salary, there is a lot of debt that I took, and have to pay back. Kindly, release my $[X] till 1st October 20XX, so that I can make the timely repayments of my debts as well. I will be highly grateful to you.

Thank you.


Sarah Mathew.

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