Labor Day Holiday Notice & Emails

What is a Labor Day holiday notice?

A Labor Day holiday notice is a notice that informs the concerned party about the holiday that is being given in respect of the laborers and the recognition of their work. This notice can be issued by the employer, educational institution, government agency, etc. Where the addresser varies, the addressee can include different stakeholders as well, the examples of which can be employees, customers, students, etc. 

As Labor Day is celebrated to acknowledge the hard work of the laborers, they are usually given one or a few holidays to show respect to them for their efforts. A special day has been designated for the laborers so that they would know that their strenuous work does not go unnoticed. Labor Day may even serve as a factor that would motivate the workers, and they would know that their continuous hard work is being recognized. Although Labor Day does not equalize the workers’ efforts, it does show appreciation to them. For this purpose, few companies even give some sort of rewards to their workers as well, in addition to the holidays.

Announcing Labor Day holiday(s):

When an organization decides to remain closed for Labor Day, a Labor Day holiday notice is issued to formally inform the employees about the holiday/s as well as the number of holidays, which are being given for the Labor Day celebration. This formal notice can limit the misunderstandings and confusions, that may arise regarding the holiday/s for Labor Day. This is because it is a written and formal notice, which has been issued by a person, that has the authority to do so. If an organization does not issue a notice, and the employees hear about the holidays informally and orally, they may get confused about the exact number of holidays.

The Labor Day notice is, usually, concise, and short. However, depending on the organization’s priorities, the length may vary. Where there is no set pattern or defined length, the general Labor Day notice template at least includes the following details:

  • Date of the notice.
  • Addresser information.
  • Addressee information.
  • Company logo.
  • Recognition of the efforts of the labor.
  • The number of holidays for the addressee, including the exact dates of closing and resumption of the work.
  • The reward or gift for the employees to express appreciation, if any, including the details of how to collect it.
  • The Labor Day wish.
  • Signature of the person who is issuing the notice.

This notice is, usually, issued well before time, so that the workers can plan for their holidays with their families. After receiving this notice, the employees would know about the assigned holidays and would be certain that this notice can be relied on, as it has been issued by an authority.

In addition, this notice can also be used as evidence, in case a need arises. For instance, if the notice has been issued to the customers, and customers complain about not being served on Labor Day, the organization can justify them by using this notice as evidence of beforehand provided information. Similarly, the employees can use it as a basis to explain why they were not working on Labor Day.

Sample Labor Day Holiday Notice


Company logo

Dear employees,

In recognition of your efforts and the upcoming Labor Day, our office will remain closed on 1st May 20XX. The normal office timings and hours will resume from 2nd May 20XX. You may collect your gifts from the HR department, which are our gesture to show our appreciation to you!

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your holiday!

ABC Limited.

Signature of the authoritative person.

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Sample Labor Day Holiday Emails


Re. Labor Day Holiday Notification

Hello Everyone,

I am Angel Gertrude, the Assistant Manager from the M.X. Groups, San Diego. I am writing this email with the best hopes of your good health and well-being. This email is to inform you that Labor Day is going to occur on [X]th September 20XX and the office shall remain closed for all external and internal dealings. On that day, no office work shall be done.

To commemorate the real soul of Labor’s Day and to celebrate the strength, unbound hard work, and achievements of the American workers, we endeavor to make the day special by organizing an event for the current and past workers of the M.X. Groups who participated in the developing and escalating the working standards of the company. This event is to contrive the struggles and endurance of the workers who, in any way, take part in the betterment of the country. This Labor Day we intend to tell them that they are the real asset of the country by recalling their worth and achievements.

We thank our workers for putting a great deal of effort into this company and making it one of the best. We are going to celebrate the day at LinLocs Club, San Diego at 7 PM where several speakers shall make the seminar valuable. Please email us further at [X].


Angel Gertrude
The Assistant Manager
M.X. Groups,
89-C David Run Road, San Diego

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Re. Labor’s Day Holiday Announcement

Dear All,

I am Lester Ennsfield, the Assistant Administrator from the Apollo Meldrum Feeds (AMF). First of all, I wish this email finds you in good health and blooming. This email has been sent in purpose to announce Labor’s Day holiday which is a holiday in commemoration of all of us. As we all are labor in one way or other. This Labor Day dates itself on [X] September 20XX; therefore, the office shall remain closed on the day.

Due to the unprecedented situation and a significant surge in the cases of COVID-19, we have declined the plan of celebrating the day and holding the seminar as it necessitates the presence physically. Every year before 2020, Apollo Meldrum Feeds has been celebrating Labor’s Day to recognize the worth of all kinds of workers but unfortunately, this would not be commenced because of COVID-19. Without a worker, this nation would not have progressed and been successful. Every nation is indebted to the struggles and endeavors of its workers and so is ours.

We are pleased to congratulate you all the day which is defined by you, which is defined each drop of a labor’s sweat and blood. For this, we are going to organize a small webinar on the Facebook page of the company. Mr. Homdocks will join us to enlighten us with his thoughts on Work and Worker.

The timings of the webinar are 5 PM to 6 PM. Your presence on the webinar will be highly appreciated and honored. We also thank you for endeavoring in making this company for what it is today.


Lester Ennsfield
Assistant Administrator
Apollo Meldrum Feeds (AMF)
C-89 Legal Fame Road, San Diego
California, USA

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