Endorsement Letter Format with Template

What is an endorsement letter?

An endorsement letter is a kind of recommendation letter in which the sender of the letter endorses a particular person or a product. When someone writes this letter, they prove that they have agreed to support a particular point of view or products. Endorsement letters are usually written by those people who have the guts to influence others. People usually opt for eminent personalities in society who have a good reputation. Big brands go for the top and high-rated celebrities when they want to get their products endorsed.

Importance of endorsement letters:

Endorsement is needed whenever a company needs a wide reach for its products. In such a situation, the endorsement letter acts as a kind of advertisement. In many scenarios, people are asked to write an endorsement letter for someone who needs to get support or recommendation from someone whose words can affect other people.

At times, the endorsement becomes a big responsibility. People who write the endorsement letter should be careful as to who they are endorsing and why. There should not be any unlawful purpose for which they endorse someone. Additionally, people who have to write the endorsement letter should make sure that they not recommending someone with a criminal history.

Tips for writing the endorsement letter:

If you follow the tips given below, you can have a recommendation letter written effectively:

  1. This letter is a formal letter and therefore, the person writing this letter should try to adopt a formal approach.
  2. The wording used in the letter should be straightforward and clear.
  3. When you write the endorsement letter in support of someone, make sure that you don’t over exaggerate. While admiring the subject of the letter, make sure that you don’t use an unrealistic approach.
  4. Make a list of the key attributes and qualities of the person you think are worth your support. Talk about all those qualities and your tone should show that you are confident in supporting that person because of those qualities.
  5. While writing this letter, keep the purpose of the letter in mind. For example, if you are endorsing someone because you think that person needs to be supported to make it easy for him to get the job, tell the recipient how that candidate is the best fit for the job.

Format of the endorsement letter:

Below is the format of the letter you can follow:


Name of the company

Name of the recipient


Body of the letter

In the body, you should include the following details:

  1. Information about the person being endorsed
  2. Why and how you know that person
  3. Key attributes of the individual that can be useful for the recipient
  4. Reasons to choose the candidate being endorsed to work on the post he has applied for
  5. Contact details of the sender

Name and signatures of the sender

Sample Endorsement Letter Template

12th Feb 20XX

ABC enterprises

Mr. XYZ:

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to talk about the opportunity that you have offered to my friend Mr. Richard. To my best knowledge, he is one of the finest persons I can think to write the endorsement letter for. I first met Mr. Richard when he joined the management department of the company, I work in. I was impressed by his good nature and talent.

I have a lot of things to say about Mr. Richard. His determination is matchless and I have found him to be the most precious asset for whichever organization he works in. While Mr. Richard was working with me, the company achieved so many milestones because of him.

When at first, I heard about him leaving the company, I was so upset. However, I will be glad if he gets a better opportunity since he is a super talented person who deserves so much than that. He has proved himself so many times and he will never disappoint you. I cannot stress enough that he is the best candidate for the job he has applied for.

For any query, you can write me back.


Name of the sender

Signatures of the sender


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