Employer Health Insurance Cancellation Letter

Health is the biggest wealth of this world and everyone seem to be worried about taking the precautionary measure to protect them in case their health deteriorates. Purchasing the health insurance policy somehow secures the health of the person in the future.

There are different situations when we have to cancel the health insurance plan. The employer of the company also feels the need to cancel the policy of health insurance because of different reasons. Once the decision of the cancellation is made by the person, the letter is written to the insurance company and informed about the decision.

Why the employer health insurance cancelation letter is important?

When you want to show you intend to cancel the insurance policy, writing a letter is the most effective way to do that. With this letter, the policyholder talks directly to the insurance company representatives and shows he intend. Sometimes in which the insurance policyholder works covers the entire cost of the insurance. When the policyholder writes the letter to cancel the policy, he sends it to his employer also. This is done to prevent the company to stop paying for the policy.

The cancellation letter is considered to be very important because by writing these letters, the policyholders can request the company to refund the premium that they have paid. In this way, these letters are useful. Before you write this letter, you should be ready to discuss with the agent about the matter.

If you are in dire need to cancel the policy, you can follow the tips given below:

Tips for writing the health insurance cancellation letter:

  • Make a rough draft of the letter:

When you have decided to cancel the policy, start making a rough draft of the letter. This will help you outline the content you want to add to your letter. You can draft the letter in your handwriting or type it on your personal computer. Make a copy of the letter and send that copy to the letter.

  • Check the policy:

Every insurance company has a different policy about the cancellation of the policy. You should be well aware of the policy before you think of canceling yours. Some companies don’t allow people to cancel their policy in the mid. However, some companies have a proper procedure to perform the cancellation of the policy. Therefore, when you feel that you have to cancel it, you should contact the company and request to cancel the policy. In response to your letter, the company will tell you the procedure to follow.

  • Mention the date of cancellation:

If you want your health insurance policy to be canceled from a specific date, mention that date in the letter so that the company doesn’t ask you to pay the premium of the time that has passed after that date.

  • Give reason for the cancellation

Although it is not mandatory to give a reason for the cancellation, you can write it to prove that you have a genuine reason to do that. Many companies allow the cancellation of the policy only in certain situations. If you meet the criteria to cancel the policy, you must provide the reason with the supporting documentation.

Sample letter:

Name of the recipient,

Complete address of the recipient,


Subject:  Health insurance cancellation letter

Respected (name of the recipient)

Please accept this letter as a formal request to cancel the health insurance policy. I would like to request here to stop all the charges for the payment of the premium amount. The date from which the cancellation is effective is 15th February 20XX.

I am migrating to another country and due to this, I am compelled to let go of the insurance plan I purchased earlier. Please send me a confirmation letter as and when you cancel my health insurance policy. Also, please refund the premium I have not used till now.  

If you any concerns or queries regarding my decision, please write me back or give me a call on my number mentioned below.

Thank you so much for understanding my situation.



Name of the sender

Signatures of the sender

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Employer Health Insurance Cancellation Letter
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