Employee to Boss about Indecent Behaviour of Colleague

If you want to work smoothly and full peace of mind, you must cooperate with your co-workers. If you don’t cooperate with your colleagues, you will be left alone, and no one will be there for you to help you. At times, you get so difficult colleagues that it becomes next to impossible for you to cooperate with them.

For instance, some colleagues behave so badly that we do not want to work with them or talk to them about any matter. However, our job necessitates it for us to deal with such employees also. When an employee is acting indecent and his behavior is bothering you, you will not be able to tolerate him for an indefinite time. In that situation, you should speak to your boss about him.

Things to remember while writing to the boss about the colleague:

Writing to the boss is sometimes the hardest thing one has to contend with. You need to be wise enough in terms of choice of words to be able to convey your problem appropriately.  When you are writing about someone working with you in the same organization, you need to be more cautious so that it does not convey a message that you are involved in a kind of a cold war with your co-worker as it will not make a good impression on your boss. Here are a few things that must be remembered while writing to the boss about the co-worker who does not act decently:

Define your problem:

The first foremost thing that you should convey to your boss is your problem. Your problem is the main reason why you are compelled to write this letter. If you can define your problem issue well, you will be able to justify writing this letter to your boss. Additionally, your employer will be able to understand the seriousness of the issue when you define the problem effectively.

Talk about your colleague’s behaviour:

After mentioning the problem, tell your employer that your colleague is the cause of the problem. You should discuss your colleague in such a way that you can show that you do not hold any grudge for him and that you are positive towards everyone.

Tell your employer what you want:

At the end of the letter, tell your boss what you want him to do for you. Make a formal request to resolve the issue as soon as possible. You can also leave the decision to your boss instead of giving him a suggestion. 

Sample letter:

Name of employee,
Designation of the employee in the company
Address of the employee


Subject: Complaint about indecent behaviour of the colleague

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter because I want to report a conflict that occurred between me and Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is my co-worker in the finance department of the company. Mr. Johnson has been behaving so rudely but I kept ignoring him as much as I could. Now, I feel that it is the right time to file a complaint against him.

At times, Mr. Johnson acts in such an indecent manner that it really annoys me and other fellows. Yesterday, I was talking to one of my clients over the phone when Mr. Johnson not only interrupted the phone call but also passed very gross remarks. Due to this, I hung up the phone and my deal with a client that was in the process got canceled. After hanging up the phone, I politely asked Mr. Johnson to not behave like this again. This infuriated him and he started shouting at him.

I cannot tolerate this behavior of Mr. Johnson anymore. I would like to request you to either send me to the other department where I do not have to put up with the indecent behavior of him or transfer him to some other department.

I feel that I am unable to work as I used to work earlier because the dispute with Mr. Johnson has really upset me. I would request you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Looking forward to your cooperation and understanding.


Signatures of the employee

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Employee to Boss about Indecent Behaviour of Colleague
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