Employee Termination Announcement Letter to Clients

No matter how an employee leaves the company, there is so much that goes into handling the situation after his departure. Whether you have terminated the employee or he has left with his own volition, you will take necessary steps such as taking control over all the assets of the company that was in the use of the employee, completing the necessary documentation, and much more. One of the most important things that the majority of people overlook is informing the clients of the business about the termination of the employee.

When a person works for a company and deals with clients, he becomes a representative of the company. With time, the clients of the company start recognizing him as a part of that company and interact with him confidently. The clients of the company should be told as and when that employee leaves the company.

How to write the employee termination announcement letter to clients?

Plan the announcement ahead of the time:

Many times, we are not able to make an appropriate announcement because we don’t know how to be ready for the conversation when upon the sudden departure or termination of the employee. However, if we plan the announcement, we can get away with the confusion. Additionally, we will be able to muster the courage the make this announcement at the right time if we prepare ourselves for this in advance.

Tell clients in advance:

Before you make a formal announcement about the termination or departure of the employee, you should tell your clients in advance about it. In other words, give a notice to clients so that they can’t be affected by the departure of the employee. You can tell them the last day of the employee in the company.

Make a formal announcement at the start of the letter:

When you write an announcement letter to your clients, you write in a formal way and this is no doubt the best way to write. As soon as you start this letter, announce that the employee has been terminated from the job. While you announce this news, mention the full name of the employee, his post, the department in which he worked, and everything that can help people identify the employee.

Mention the date the termination will be effective from:

In case you have not written the advance announcement letter, you will give the advance notice to the clients in the announcement letter. For this purpose, you should mention the date from which, the subject employee will not be able to fulfill his job responsibilities.

This will enable the clients to clear their dealings with the employee being terminated from the job.

List the responsibilities that the employee was performing:

There are lots of responsibilities an employee fulfills during his employment period. When he leaves, you should mention in the announcement letter the fact that he will no longer be available to perform those responsibilities. For example, if clients are used to placing the order by contacting the employee being terminated, the letter should tell that the employee will no longer be placing the orders. This way, the clients will not contact the same employee for placing the order. This will save their time and money also.

Sample letter:

Name of the recipient,
Complete address of the recipient,


Subject: Employee termination announcement

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is to inform you that Mr. ABC who was working as a finance manager in our company is no longer an employee of the company. Since Mr. ABC has been terminated from the job, he is no longer authorized to take orders from customers, process the orders, or perform any kind of work that he used to do as a finance manager in the company. This announcement will be effective from tomorrow, 12th Feb 2021.  Anyone who deals with Mr. ABC will do it at their own risk.

If you any query regarding this announcement, you can contact us on our phone numbers or write us an email.


Name of the sender,
Designation of the sender in the company

Signatures of the sender


Signatures of the employee

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Employee Termination Announcement Letter to Clients
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