Dispute Letter to Credit Card Company

It is very common to see errors in the bank statement of the credit card you are using. This happens due to many technical faults or sometimes, because of not providing information to the system of the bank in time. People are advised to go through their bank statements thoroughly at the end of every month so that they can be sure that there is no error in the transactions that have been carried out to and from their accounts.

What is a dispute letter?

A dispute letter is a kind of formal letter which is written to the authorities of the credit card company to let them know about the inaccuracies that have been seen in the credit report and in the bank statement.

Why it is important to write the dispute letter?

In the business world, there is a proper to communicate your problems to other people. The most appropriate way to communicate is to write the letter with the issue you want to be resolved. Hence, you should write the dispute letter considering the importance of conveying your problem.

When you write a dispute letter, you make sure that your issue will be resolved by the credit card company as soon as possible. The dispute letter also becomes tangible proof that you have conveyed the problem with the supporting documents, and you deserve to be compensated for the loss. In case the company does not pay heed to your request or problem, you can take legal actions using the dispute letter as proof.

When you dispute the error, you actually exercise your legal rights and this is the best thing that you can do in order to protect your rights and money. Hence, never ignore disputing the error whenever you see the one.

When to write the dispute letter to the credit card company?

Writing a dispute letter is important. However, it is even more important to know when to write this letter. If you write this letter in the most appropriate situation, you make the best use of the dispute letter. Below are some scenarios in which you can dispute the problem that you have faced due to the credit card company.

  • When there are billing errors:

A credit card company sends the credit card bill at the end of every month. Sometimes, the bill is more than the actual amount. If this happens, you should dispute the billing errors.

  • When there are unnecessary charges:

Sometimes, the credit card company deducts different charges from our balance and then shows these charges in our credit report. If we feel that the charges are not authorized, you should dispute them.

  • When you have not received the product you purchased

With the help of a credit card, sometimes we make an advance payment. Oftentimes, we don’t receive the product but the money is deducted from our account. When this happens, we can ask the credit card company to either send us our money back or make it possible for the product we have purchased to reach us.

  • When there are errors in credit card report:

There are many other types of errors that can be seen in the report. You should not tolerate any error whether it is in the amount you have spent or any other area. Dispute the issue and get it resolved.

Sample Letter

Date of writing the letter:

Name of the sender
Address of the sender
Account number of senders

Respect sir/madam,

I am writing this dispute letter because I have seen an error in the amount that is present in my account. The error is 100$. This amount is not correct because I canceled the order that I placed online using the credit card and the merchant told me that he has also canceled the order and no transaction has been carried out. However, the money did not return to my account and therefore, an incorrect amount is being shown.

I am enclosing required documents with this letter that you will find helpful in determining how they support my claim.

I would like to request you to correct the error in the amount as soon as possible.


Name of the sender

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