Demand Payment on a Delinquent Account

It is very frustrating to wait for the money and asking someone again and again to pay. At times, it gets so annoying that we are forced to write a demand letter or email to them. If someone has an account in your organization or the bank you are working in, you will have to write the demand email or letter in a particular condition. The account of a customer becomes delinquent when the customer does not make the payment in the last 30 days. In an attempt to start the credit collection process, the demand letter for payment on a delinquent account is written.

Why there is a need to demand payment on a delinquent account?

When the customer is not clearing the payment despite asking, again and again, you can write him a letter or email letting him know about the possible actions you can take against him. Some people shout at people who don’t pay and yield no fruitful results. Therefore, cautiously crafting a letter is a recommended approach. It is important to keep in mind that demanding the payment in a written form is considered a peaceful demeanor that professional people often use when they want to avoid disputes and settle everything down.

Tips for demanding the payment on a delinquent account

In a business world, there is a proper way in which everything is done. If that proper way is not followed, it leads to many problems. In most cases, even your employer will not allow you to get rude with the clients upon not making the payment. In that situation, you will have to choose the right tone and choice of words to get everything done smoothly. Below are some tips to help you in this regard:

Use letterhead:

The person with the delinquent account will pay no heed to you if you don’t let him realize that you are writing him using official resources. Therefore, using a letterhead of your company is recommended.

State your legal rights:

While demanding the payment, make sure that you explain to the reader that it is your legal right to ask for it.

Make a demand for payment formally:

Make a demand for the payment in a formal way. While demanding the payment, you should keep in mind you are taking lawful action and you have a legal right to do this.

State how you will take actions:

After demanding the payment, give a deadline to the person with a delinquent account and ask him to pay the money by the deadline. The person who is being written this letter should be aware of the consequences of not meeting the deadline. Therefore, you should tell him that you will take legal action against him if he does not pay you within the specified deadline.

End on the positive note:

You are a professional person and you don’t want to ruin your relationship with anyone. Therefore, you should not be rude to the extent that you get paid but at the cost of burning all the bridges. To keep it simple, you should end the letter on a positive note. Tell the reader that you are hopeful that he will cooperate with you and there will not be any need to take legal actions against him.

Sample Letter

To whom it may concern,

I have sent you 5 letters in the previous month about remitting your due balance of worth 700$. During all this time, I had remained so patient and calm while waiting for you to clear the payment. However, now I feel the need to ask you to make the due payment as soon as possible. If you don’t send me the money by the 15th of this month, I will be forced to take action against you. I am hereby, insisting you pay the amount to my account (mention account number) as soon as possible to prevent any kind of problem. Your cooperation is required.


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