Eid Greeting Email to Staff

What is an Eid greeting email?

At the outset of the Eid holidays, Muslims across the world start their celebrations. People who work in different organizations receive greetings from their co-workers and bosses. They also send warm wishes on this occasion to others.

It is a tradition to wish each other happiness. People would use Eid cards and letters to send prayers and wishes to each other. Now, with the advent of technology, sending an email has become a new normal. This email is an indication that the company or the manager has not forgotten their employees on the day of Eid.

Why is it important to send Eid wishes?

In the professional world, happiness at an individual level is generally not celebrated. However, the event of Eid is a special occasion that is not confined to people of a particular locality. Rather, people across the world are seen enjoying their day.

Businesses use these emails for a variety of purposes. For instance, when they send their desires for another person to spend this day happy, they convey a message that they are a well-wisher of the person, and this way, they strengthen-up their relationship with the staff members.

In addition, some businesses also announce through this email. For instance, if employees are not sure how many holidays have been announced, this letter will serve as a piece of information that will convey the right information to them.

How to write an electronic mail with the Eid warm wishes?

When you are a manager of the employer, it is your responsibility to come forward as a person who is responsible and writes everything with care. Therefore, there should not be any mistakes such as unprofessional writing in the letter. Below are tips to follow:

Warmly wish the staff members:

Your Eid wishes should reach the staff of the company and they should make the reader feel happy and satisfied. Send your wishes warmly so that you can convey enthusiasm and zest to your workers to show that you are very happy at this event.

Give your message:

When it comes to celebrating the Eid event, every person has a different perspective. Some people celebrate it with the view of being happy after the completion of the holy month of Ramadan and some people celebrate it with less-privileged people in the society because they don’t get this opportunity for the rest of the year. No matter which message you want to communicate, share it in the email.

Make an announcement:

Since it is also a basic purpose to fulfill, let your employees know the duration of the Eid holidays. To be clearer, mention the date of starting the holidays and the ending of the holidays. If there is anything you want to add, this is the perfect place in the letter to do it.

Close the email on a positive note:

Although your email is full of positivity and welcoming desires, the end should also be positive. 

Download the template:

If you want to get away with the hassle of writing the email from the start, formatting it, and proofreading it to ensure that you have written a message correctly, you can download the template. The template will provide you with the readymade electronic message that you can edit and send to your staff members.

The sample letter of Eid greetings is given below which is a simple way to have an email and send it.

Sample Eid greeting email:



The staff:
Name of the company:

Subject: Eid Greetings

Respected staff,

ABC Company wishes you a very warm and blissful Eid. We pray that this event brings lots of joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity for you and your family. 

While you celebrate this special and auspicious day during the Eid holidays, please don’t forget to share your bliss with those who cannot afford to spend this day and rejoice like you.

With this, the company is organizing an Eid party in the company after the holidays have finished. In addition, the company shall remain closed from 2nd May 20XX to 5th May 20XX.

With warm wishes and regards,

Name of the sender



Eid greetings email to staff

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