Sick Absence Email to Professor

Students often have to miss their classes willingly or unwillingly due to many reasons. Education institutions, as well as teachers, usually don’t accept an excessive number of absentees from class. Due to this, institutes have many policies to tackle this situation.

Students also know that if they remain absent from class, they will have to face the consequences. So, they should communicate with their teacher to inform him about the reason for their absence.

What is an email to a professor due to illness?

Students communicate with their professors and let them know the reason behind not attending the class. This email is also a mode of communication that quickly sends the message of the student to his/her teacher.

When to send an electronic mail regarding absence due to illness?

When a student feels that he is unable to attend the meeting with the tutor or lecture, he can write an email to inform the lecturer that he has a genuine reason to now appear in the class.

The use of email is the quickest way to convey a message to the tutor.

Some students also have to write this email because they have been absent for many days from class due to sickness and now, they want to inform the teacher about the reason they had for not attending classes.

At times, the student knows that it is high time the professor punished him because of not meeting the required percentage of attendance to appear in the exam. In the scenario, the student not only informs the lecturer about the absence but also requests a favor.

Writing an email to the professor:

It is never easy to write an email or letter to the teacher. A student feels so overwhelmed because of excessive respect in his heart for the teacher and he remains worried if he has made the right choice of words. 

Tips for writing the email to the teacher:

If you want to write a perfect email to your mentor, make sure that you don’t miss out on reading the following tips:

Don’t write too long email:

Your email should not include lengthy details regarding your illness. Before you write this letter, assume that the professor doesn’t have much time to read long emails. In addition to it, the email should not be short only but also complete. You should learn the art of writing a small email and conveying the whole message. If you cannot do this, get help from a sample email.

Don’t give excuses:

When you know that giving too much explanation can make your teacher feel that you are trying to give excuses and escape from the situation, don’t give excuses. Simply state the reason for being absent and move on.

Admit your mistake:

Even if you have a genuine reason for not attending the lecture, you should be apologetic for not showing up. Make your professor feel that you are regretful and you never wanted to do that. When you can express regret.

Give evidence:

It is a well-known fact that whenever you want to use your sickness as an excuse, you will be required to provide a medical certificate. Don’t forget to attach a medical certificate with the letter.

Sample email:


Name of the department:

Subject: Sick absence email for [X]

Respected sir/madam,

This email is being written to you to let you know that I have missed 6 classes on the subject of Software Project Management. I was unable to attend classes due to illness. My absence period was of one week starting from 5th Oct 20XX to 12 Oct 20XX. 

I am worried that I will not be able to perform well in the semester because of missing lectures for one week. Furthermore, I am also afraid that my attendance will be short. I would like to ask you to let me off due to 6 days’ absence from the university. In addition to it, I would be so obliged if you provide me with some suggestions to catch up with the class. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

With warm regards,

Name of the student
Roll number
Department name

Sick absence email to professor

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