Email to Ex-Boss for Job Opportunities

What is Email to Ex-boss for work opportunity?

An email to the ex-boss for the job opportunities is an email that is written by an ex-employee of an organization and is addressed to the employer of that organization. The purpose of this email is to seek any vacancies in the previous organization, one has worked in, and rejoin the old organization, to make the hiring and employment smooth and easy.

When an individual is searching for a job opportunity, he often deems to contact his previous employers, to see if any vacancies are available. The employers may consider rehiring an old employee, as it saves the training and adjustment period costs. It is beneficial for the employee to rejoin the old organization as well because:

  • The ex-employee is aware of the working environment and organizational culture.
  • The ex-employee has a comfort zone with other employees of the organization.
  • The adjustment period gets minimized.

When an ex-employee wants to reach out to his ex-employer, he needs to choose a formal channel, one of which is sending this official email. The content of this email may vary as per the circumstances, but it is important to keep it precise with all the relevant documents attached, such as a resume. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the ex-employer.
  • Details of the ex-employee.
  • The purpose of the email.
  • Reason behind leaving the job previously.
  • Reason behind approaching the organization back.
  • Show how the individual values his work experience in the organization.
  • State one’s achievements when one was working in the organization.
  • Show one’s worth, and that the skills are not rusted.
  • Seek vacancies, and request for an opportunity.
  • Mention the attached documents, if any.
  • Show hope.

However, this email can only be written, and may only be fruitful, if the individual left the organization on a good note, served the organization well, and had a good reputation. In this scenario, if the employer of the organization does not have an opportunity to offer immediately to the individual, he would give a positive response and may consider him later for any future opportunities. However, if the ex-employer has any grudges against him, he will not consider the candidate, even if there is a vacancy, and he would straightaway refuse him.

Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Martha,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health.

I am Sarah Robson, and I used to work for your company ABC Limited in 2018. I was a junior manager in the sales department and worked for a period of five years in ABC Limited. I twice became an employee of the month and was credited with increasing the sales levels (attaching my certificate with this email). However, in 2018, I had to leave the job for some personal reasons. I was pregnant, and my baby and home were my priority.

Now that my baby has grown up a bit, and he has started his nursery, I have started searching for a job opportunity again. As I had a wonderful experience in ABC Limited, I thought to contact you to know, if you have any relevant vacancy. I am attaching my resume with this email. To clear any confusion, I want to state, that I was not idle in this unemployment period. I was working as a freelance writer, to keep my skills intact.

I hope you will consider my request, and I will be very grateful if you would let me know of any possible opportunity in your company.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you.


Sarah Robson.

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