Satisfactory Performance Letter to Vendor

In a business world, it is a routine activity to communicate and collaborate with vendors for purchasing different products, placing orders, inquiring about prices of different products, and much more. Sometimes we also communicate with the vendor because we want to let him know how well or bad, he has been performing. 

What is a satisfactory performance letter to the vendor?

When we are satisfied with the type of products the seller sends to us and all other services related to his job, we can write a letter to him letting him know about it. In simple words, we write a letter to appreciate the seller.

How important it is to write to a seller when you are satisfied?

As a matter of fact, the performance of the seller directly impacts our business. For instance, if the seller doesn’t deliver products of desirable quality, we will have to face the consequences. In that case, we often write a letter to the vendor and let you know about our dissatisfaction. Similarly, we can contact the vendor when we are happy with his performance. This way, we appreciate the vendor and boost his morale. 

When to write a satisfactory performance letter to vendors?

  1. When we are pleased with the quality of products the vendor sells
  2. When the seller delivers products in the specified time without any delay
  3. When we get good reviews from our customers on those products we have purchased from the seller

There can be many other scenarios in which writing a letter of satisfaction can be justified. However, it is important to make certain that the right things are written in the letter and the letter is sent at the appropriate time.

Things to remember:

Here are some key aspects of the letter that you should keep in mind while communicating with the seller:

  1. A satisfaction letter to the seller should be written in such a way that it appreciates him and makes him feel valued
  2. Make sure that your choice of words in the letter is appropriate and you are successfully conveying a message to the seller that he fully understands. 
  3. You don’t need to write a long letter because sometimes, a longer letter tends to deviate from the basic purpose of the letter making it confusing for the reader to determine what you are trying to say. 
  4. Letting the vendor know about your satisfaction with his performance requires you to explain which aspect of his performance has impressed you. This will let him know how he has been performing and he can also focus more on the weak areas. 
  5. Your letter should make the seller feel that you are not among those people who only warn or rebuke sellers when they don’t perform up to the mark. Rather, you are someone who also appreciates people when they do something exceptional
  6. It should be kept in mind that these kinds of letters strengthen up your bond with the recipient. Let the reader know that you expect the same kind of services in the future also.

What should be covered in this letter to express satisfaction?

Below are the details that must be covered in this letter when you are ready to express that you are pleased and satisfied with the services:

Introduction of the sender:

As a buyer, the retailer has to deal with lots of buyers in a single day. It is not easy for him to remember each of them. So, must give your introduction in the letter by telling your name and the name of the company.

Mention order number:

If there is a specific order based on which you are compelled to write this letter, refer to that order by mentioning the order number, date of placing that order, and much more.


Make the retailer know that you are pleased with the way he has provided his services of delivering high-quality products. Mention some points in the letter that you think are important to be discussed pertaining to the products you have received.

Write what you expect:

In the end, tell the merchant that you are looking forward to placing more orders with him because of the satisfactory performance.

Sample Letter

(Your Name)
(Your Company Name)
(Your Address)



(Name of Vendor)
(Vendor’s Address)

Subject: Appreciation for work done

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am (name) and I work in (company name). I am writing this letter regarding the (what vendor sold you). We are happy to tell you that we appreciate your work. It was efficient and done in a timely manner. (State points of appreciation).

We have put you on record and hope to keep on pursuing business with you. We will definitely refer you in the future and suggest you to our partners as well.


(Contact Details)

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