Dance Registration Forms

Dance is a form of art and has gained popularity due to its various forms and it is also used as a form of expressing emotions, feelings, etc. There are many forms of dance, some folk dances are limited to particular territories and exhibited by local people while other dance forms are globally practiced and appreciated.

A dance registration form is an official document that allows dance institutes to gather information regarding individuals who are interested in seeking dance practices from that particular institute. These registration forms secure a place for the registering individual in the class after the fees have been paid. It ensures the enrollment of dancers in various dance forms that are provided by the dance institute.

Dance registration forms can be prepared easily by using a template from the internet or by using a typing application for entering information that is required by the institute. These forms also state terms and conditions that should be accepted by all the applicants for enrollment.


A few components of the dance registration form are given as follows,

1-Personal information:

  • Name of applicant
  • Father’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Qualification
  • Contact
  • Gender
  • Emergency Contact

2- Dance form

  • Preferred dance form
  • Either the applicant is a newcomer or an established dancer
  • Name of the last institute
  • Level of performance at last institute
  • Class schedule preference

3- Medical records:

  • Either the applicant suffers from a chronic disease.
  • Has the applicant undergone a major surgery in the past 5 years?
  • Is the applicant a patient of depression or anxiety?
  • Are there any physical restrictions that the applicant must follow?

4- Consent:

  • Consent of guardian if the applicant is below 18 years old.
  • NOC from the previous institute
  • Certificate from a licensed medical professional.

5- Fee structure:

  • Preferred dance class (group, solo, duo).
  • Total fees
  • Discounted price in case of voucher availability
  •  Mode of payment (credit card or cash)
  • Payment proof (receipt submission)
  • Fee structure for installments

The significance of the form

Dance registration forms are of utmost importance for administrations dealing with enrollment. Its significance is depicted in following reasons,

  • Registration forms make sure that all applicants who have registered have been entered the system and secure a seat for themselves.
  • It keeps the whole process organized and makes it easier for the administration to decide if they want to go through with a particular applicant or not.
  • Since all applicants fill in similar kinds of information, their caliber can be analyzed and short listing of applicants can be done easily.
  • Related documents of all applicants are submitted along with the registration form therefore, the administration does not wait for anything.
  • Medical records of all applicants help in deciding which applicants can go forward with dance practices.

Dance registration forms allow candidates the freedom of choice because candidates can choose their preferred dance type i.e. salsa, contemporary, disco, etc. Dance registration forms are simple forms with questions that may include multiple choices and answers. These forms must be filled out accurately because any wrong answer can lead to permanent cancellation from all dance institutes of the state.

Preview and Details of Template

Dance Registration Form

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