Customer Profile Sheet

A customer profile sheet is being used by many businesses to identify each potential customer. This sheet includes information about your customers such as name, contact details, design, their favorite colors, and a lot more.

What is a customer profile sheet?

A customer profile sheet is a professionally used document that represents the choices of an ideal customer. The purpose of making a customer profile sheet is to design those products that are most suited to the likes and preferences of the customers.

This will help a business increase its sales and boost its revenue. Preparing a profile sheet of customers enables a business to market its products more professionally and effectively.

How to create a customer profile?

There is a series of questions in the customer profile sheet that you are required to answer to create a complete profile of your clients and customers. It should be kept in mind that the profile represents the generalized customers. It does not represent every customer. However, the majority of the customers are covered by it.

If you find that there are two common categories in which you can divide the majority of your customers, you can create two profiles. The upcoming customers can then be assigned any of these two profiles.

There are two basic types of research a business owner has to do to make a customer profile. These researches are of two types which are:

Demographic research:

In this type of research, the physical characteristics of the customers such as age, gender, occupation, and other details are taken into consideration. Demographic research is based on visualizing every customer interacting with your business.

Psychographic research:

This type of research includes moral values, likes, dislikes, preferences, hobbies, and other intangible details of the customer.

The best way to conduct both types of research is to get yourself involved in discussions with your customers. You should ask them about their neighbors and other family members too. After discussion, add their details to the sheet.

The results obtained from the psychographic research are considered to be more useful for a business. If you want to market your products based on your customer’s choice, you should consider the data obtained from the psychographic research.

Customer profile sheet template:

If you are one of those people who has not created the profile yet, you should download the template. The template is available in MS Word format.

All you have to do is answer the questions being asked in the template. You should always keep the backup of the data you are providing in the sheet so that you can protect it

It should be kept in mind that creating the profile for your customers using a template is not because you want to have a cool profile.

The purpose is to evaluate the sales and profit you can make if you tailor your business according to the needs and desires of your customers.

Customer profile sheet template

Document: MS Word [.docx]
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Customer profile sheet template

Document: MS Word [.docx]
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