Customer Complaint Form Template

What is a customer complaint form?

A customer complaint form is a tool that enables the business to locate all those areas, in which there is a need to bring improvement. For a business, getting feedback from customers is essential because it lets the business determine how to improve its services. Making a platform using which, customers can complain is also a type of collecting feedback. Customers who need to file a complaint use the complaint form to convey their needs to the business.

This form is usually used by customers privately. All they need to do is fill the form and file the complaint. A business should try to make it easy for the customer to access the form so that he can lodge a complaint whenever there is a need to.

Why a customer complaint form is used?

There are many purposes behind using this form. Some of them are being discussed below:

For tracking the performance of the employees:

If a customer complains about poor service, it means that the employees of the company are showing a non-serious attitude. In this way, the business can take the necessary steps to correct the behavior of the employees.

Keeping tabs on the performance of the employees is essential because employees often become careless when they see that they are not being monitored. The complaint form becomes a tool to track the performance of every employee at the workplace.

Customers feel better:

Sometimes, a complaint form becomes a platform on which an incensed customer releases his frustration. Therefore, a business must provide that platform to its customers. Customers also feel better when they complain. It makes them feel that they are being heard and their problem will be resolved.

For building a strong customer base:

To boost the sales of the business, a business tries to build a strong relationship with its customers. This usually happens when the customers are given the respect they deserve. Providing them a platform to lodge a complaint and grouse about how the business has affected them gives them satisfaction. This also makes them realize that strong actions will be taken by the business to resolve the issue the customers are facing.

For obtaining feedback:

An organization has to take different steps to obtain feedback from its customers. Many times, the customers are so lazy that after buying the product, they don’t show for giving feedback. So, when customers come and fill the complaint form, they give the feedback with their consent.

It helps document complaint:

When a complaint form is filled, it is kept in the record of the business. This way, all the complaints are recorded and then they are reconsidered whenever it is required to be checked if the business is progressing or not. If a company does not receive the same complaint again, it means that the company has progressed in that area.

Using the customer complaint form:

When you are all set to make the customer complaint form readily accessible by the customers, you need to first create the form and then put it on the website. Almost every business has this kind of form on their website. Since the website is easily accessible, it is very easy to lodge a complaint.

  1. While creating this kind of form, you should make sure that you don’t make a lengthy because it might irritate the angry customer making the situation worse.
  2. The customer complaint form should be created in such a way that it collects all the necessary details from the customer. For example, your form should collect the name and address of the customer so that he can be contacted in case the business wants to know more about the issue. Additionally, the form should be made to collect the information about the product purchased by the customer also.
  3. The form should be easy to fill because not every buyer is smart enough to understand the complex terms and give appropriate answers.
  4. Ask open-ended questions so that the buyer can say whatever kind of issue has gone through after making the purchase.

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