Employee Travel Declaration Form

Some businesses require employees to state where they are traveling to and when. This is especially so nowadays due to COVID-19. The employer needs to know whether the employee has gone somewhere where COVID-19 and other illnesses are common. The information should be saved professionally.

What is an employee travel declaration form?

An employee travel declaration form is a form that an employee needs to fill when they need to travel overseas. It may be required for traveling in the same country but going to another city.

Importance of an employee travel declaration form:

The world has changed in many ways due to the coronavirus pandemic. Travel has altered much. Some places have high rates of patients. The way that a business functions has altered as well. Many activities are occurring online. Travel is seen as risky. Therefore, some companies now make it compulsory for staff to tell where they are traveling to and when. It helps the business know where they have traveled to and if it is risky. The form can be kept in records for proof in case any issue occurs.

Tips to create an employee travel declaration form:

The employee travel declaration form is a necessary one that has to be filled in truthfully and professionally. The below tips can be kept in mind when creating it:

Microsoft Word: It is a formal form and so should be typed without any errors. This can occur in Microsoft Word.

Company logo: You can insert a company or institution logo at the top of the form. A formal touch is given.

Heading: A heading is required as it gives it a professional look. It becomes easy to know what the form is for with this as well. The heading can be something like “Travel Declaration Form for Employees”.

Staff details: These are required. The name of the employee and their work ID number must be included. Any details that will help the administration know who the employee is must be given.

Instructions: Instructions can be provided on who has to fill the form. It may be those who have traveled or want to travel between a certain date.

Table: Create a table. It should be easy to fill in. A table makes it easy to read details. The heading of the columns can be “Country and City of Travel”; “Period of Stay”. Under “Period of Stay” you will state “From” and “To”. These headings allow it to be simple to include the information. The reason for traveling may be included as well.

Important Notes: There are some details that employees need to include. It can be that the staff member must provide details of the country of transit and whether they stopped at any place. The dates of this must be given. You can state that the employee will be penalized if any information provided has been done wrongly by purpose.

Declaration: A declaration is required to make the form formal and show that the employee agrees that everything stated is true. In the declaration area you can have the “Name of Employee”; “Signature”; “Date”. A signature is required for proof that the staff member has agreed that the information is valid. The date that the form has been signed helps know when it was submitted or filled in.

Format: The form is an important and professional one. Its format must be like this as well. Employees must know it is a serious form that has to be filled honestly. The words used must be like this. Staff members need to know when they need to fill it in, i.e., before traveling or after. All instructions must be clear and the way to fill them in should be simple.

Final Words:

There are many documents and forms that organizations, companies, institutions, etc. require so that the functioning of the place can occur smoothly. One that has recently become more important is the employee travel declaration form. This is due to COVID-19. Create the form professionally and seriously. The staff has to know the importance of the form and why it has to be filled honestly. The above points can be kept in mind when doing this.

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