Permission Letter to Visit a Museum

Different schools and other types of organizations organize trips. The purpose of this trip is not always to entertain people always. In schools and other educational institutes, trips are generally educational and the purpose of these trips is to educate students of the school. They are taken to different historical places which they might have studied about in their course. Similarly, some schools take the trip to the museum. The museum is the best place for learning and this is the reason.

What is a permission letter to visit a museum?

The letter written by the management of the school to the parents of the child to take permission from them to take the child on a trip is called a permission letter. Most of the students in school are under 18 years. The law of the state does not allow them to go anywhere without the permission of their parents. Therefore, they cannot go on the trip unless their parents write the permission on the letterhead of the school. The permission written on the letterhead of the school is proof that parents have granted the permission exclusively to the school.

How to write the permission letter?

There is a proper channel through which the permission letter by a school is written and then sent to the parents. For a professional permission letter, below are some guidelines that can be followed:

Announce the trip:

Professional letters are usually written with straightforward information. It means, they don’t include formal sentences. Therefore, it is recommended that as soon as you start this letter, you must announce that the school has organized the trip for kids, and the child of the recipient must also go with the trip.

Tell the type of trip:

Some overprotective parents do not allow their kids to go on a school trip because they think that the trip is the waste of time. So, if the school organizes the kind of trip which is educational and enjoyable at the same time, this should be mentioned in the letter also. It should be told that the trip is educational because it is paying a visit to the museum and therefore, the parents can expect to learn a lot from their children.

Specify what you want the recipient to do:

You should tell the reader emphatically that you want him to write your permission on the letterhead of the school. The parents or guardians must also know that what they should write and how.

Sample letter:

Name of the sender:
Contact details of the sender:
Address of sender:
Designation of the sender in the organization:

Name of the organization:
The subject of the letter:

Dear Mr. ABC,

The ABC School has decided to pay a visit to the museum [mention the name of the museum] on 15th April 20XX. We want to visit the museum because we want to learn more and obtain information about the cultural heritage of our country and lots of other things in history. We believe it is very important to indoctrinate our students with the knowledge of different aspects of history. We assure you that your child will learn a lot after paying a visit to the museum. 

Since this school has the policy to take permission from parents of the child who are willing to go, we are writing this letter to seek permission from you. The trip will be for 4 hours maximum and children will be returned to the school within school hours. The school will organize the trip via its express buses.

We require you to permit us by bringing it in writing on the letterhead of the school. Also, specify the date and time of your permission and affix your signatures there. The last date to send your written permission is 10th April. Your permission is very important to us because we have to make further arrangements.

Just in case you need to get more information about the trip or anything, please send us your query via email or you can also call us within school hours. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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