Promise a Delayed Payment to Customer

Many times, the seller has to pay the buyer or customer. This happens in many situations. For example, when the customer demands the exchange of the product with money or claims a refund because of the faulty product, the seller should pay him depending on the terms and conditions of his store. 

What is a promise letter to a customer?

When the seller wants to give assurance to the customer that his payment will be cleared soon, he will write the promised letter to his customer in which he will promise to pay. This letter holds too much significance in the business world. 

What is the purpose of the promised letter for delayed payment?

The promised letter always has a good purpose. It is written when the customer is enraged and about to complain about the seller, the promised letter will appease him. 

Sometimes, the seller is on the verge of losing his customers forever. This is very intimidating and motivates the seller to write this promise letter. Sometimes, the seller has to maintain his credibility. However, at times, he fails to pay on the specified date. In that situation, he should promise his customer so that he does not lose the trust and confidence of his customer in him. The customer also shares his reviews about the seller with others. The seller does not want to ruin his reputation and considering this, the promised letter can help the seller a lot.

Tips for writing the promised letter to the customer:

Apologize for the delayed payment:

No one likes getting the payment delayed especially when someone is supposed to pay on a particular date. When this happens, it creates an unsettling situation. The customer usually gets angry and decides never to deal with such a seller again in his life. This way, the seller not just loses the customer but also the trust of many.

Don’t give justifications:

If you are not able to pay due to any reason, provide the reason in simple words. Don’t try to justify your actions. This will worsen the situation. Even giving the reason is not important. The customer does not care as to why you delayed the payment. So, all that you can do is just mention that whatever has happened was not a deliberate action of yours.

Tell the customer that you want to pay him:

When payment gets delayed, the customer starts thinking that you don’t want to pay him and that is why you are delaying. When you make a promise, the customer will not believe it unless you tell him that you want to pay him as soon as possible. Also, make the customer believe that the delay in the payment has not been seen because you don’t want to pay. Rather, it is an unintentional act.

Leave no ambiguity:

This is a formal letter that needs to be communicated in such a way that it conveys the right information to the recipient appropriately. Ambiguity can worsen the situation and make things more complicated.

Sample letter

Name of the recipient:
Address and contact details of recipient:

Subject: [Keep it bold so that it can draw attention]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to let you know that the delay in the payment has been seen because of unforeseen circumstances I am working through. My financial system has completely collapsed due to covid-19 and this is the reason, I am not able any of my customers this month. I am right now going through a severe financial setback, however; clearing your payment is my priority.

I have to shoulder many expected expenses as I am the only one in my family who everyone is counting upon.

I am sending you a partial payment of 100$. I know this was not what I was intended to pay. However, I would like to request you to accept this. I promise you to pay by the end of this month. Additionally, I will also try to compensate for what you have suffered because of me. Thank you so much for understanding my situation.

Yours sincerely,

Mention the name of the sender



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