Receipt Letter Format with Template

What is a letter of receipt?

A letter of receipt has the same role to play as a traditional receipt. It tells that the particular document or anything sent by someone has been received and acknowledge. These letters have a lot of significance in the professional world. People stay worried after sending important documents because they don’t know if the person on the other side has received or not. When they receive a letter of receipt, they feel satisfied and happy.

When to write receipt letter?

There are different situations which entail the use of receipt letter. For example, when someone has sent a document to someone when a check has been sent via post, when a sender has sent something valuable as a gift to someone or when the seller has sent products to the buyer purchased by him in bulk with high value. Everyone sending valuable things to someone needs to get a receipt letter that lets them know their parcel has been received and acknowledged by the recipient.

In our daily life, we are required to send acknowledgment in different scenarios. In a business world, the worth of this letter increases manifold. The give and take or exchange of anything between two parties doing business with each other will be considered to be incomplete unless they exchange acknowledgment letters with each other. Therefore, we can say that it is incumbent upon parties to write the acknowledgment letter when they receive something from someone.

Format of the letter of receipt:

Start with details of the recipient

The format of the letter includes the date of writing, name, and contact details of the recipient of the letter at the beginning of the letter. This all information can either be added to the right side or left side of the page.

Add subject:

Every letter written in a professional setting must include the subject. This subject lets the recipient know what this letter is about. The subject is written in bold letters and is underlined. Don’t add the subject in the form of a complete sentence. Try to write the subject objectively.

Use salutation:

You must know how you are going to address the recipient of the letter. Use Sir/Madam or Mr./Mrs. to address the recipient. Make sure that the salutation of the letter goes well with the situation in which it is written. You cannot use inappropriate salutation as it might put a bad impression on the recipient.

Body of the letter:

In this part of the letter, you must tell the receipt in straightforward wording that you have received the item or the document he has sent. In addition to it, add the date of receiving the product. In case you have received a product from the seller, you should tell the condition of the product also. If the product has suffered damage while it was being shipped, mention it in the letter and tell the recipient to do something in this regard. If the product is perfectly ok, just write a thankful statement in the letter.

End of the letter:

Depending on the situation and scenario, you can close the letter however you want. For example, if you are addressing a seller in this letter, let him know that you are happy with the product and you are ready to buy more products from the same seller in the future also.

If you are writing to someone from your personal life, just say thanks can close the letter with your signatures.

To give you more information regarding the format of the letter, here is a sample letter for you:

Sample letter

Details of the recipient
Contact details

Subject: Letter of receipt

Dear Mr. ABC,

This letter is for acknowledgment of the reception of the product I purchased from you. The product was received in a good condition and there has been no damage to the product.

I am impressed by the quality of the product and I believe that it was the best decision to do shopping from your website. Thank you so much for your time and concern.



Name of the sender



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