Complaint Letter to Principal about Teacher’s Immoral Behavior

A teacher is looked up as a role model and students try to follow the footsteps of their teacher. They believe that the person who is their mentor is the epitome of perfection and they should try to be the same as their teacher. Due to this, teachers are always expected to act ethically. They should try to maintain morality in their behavior and also in the language they use. However, some teachers lack professionalism and behave in a very unethical way.

What is a complaint letter against a teacher’s immoral behavior?

It is a formal letter written to the stakeholders of the school to let them know that one of the teachers in the school is acting in an immoral way and their behavior needs to be corrected.

This letter can be sent by students or their parents, whoever has noticed the inappropriate behavior of the teacher and wants to bring it to the attention of the principal.

The school takes such letters as feedback from students and this helps them improve the staff performance. Therefore, such complaint letters are welcomed by the school because it helps them see what they would never have seen if they had not received the complaint.

Is it important to write a complaint against the teacher’s attitude?

At times, the behavior of the teacher can have adverse effects on the personality of the students as they may go into the trauma that remains with them forever. In some cases, the students feel their self-esteem lowering which results in a lowering of their confidence. Therefore, appropriately writing a letter and addressing the main issue is extremely important.

If you want your complaint to be heard, you should effectively write your letter. For this, you can read the sample letter given below:

Sample letter:


Subject: Complaint against the teacher’s attitude

Respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to draw your attention to a very serious matter that needs your immediate attention. I would like to talk about the Mathematics teacher of grade 8 who is the class teacher of my son studying in the same class.

For the past few days, I have been noticing that my child is not behaving the way he used to. He is no longer interested in his studies and also does not want to go to school. My son has been a very bright and sharp student in math and he always scored 100% marks. However, his performance is going down day by day. Upon investigation from his friends, I came to know that this is happening because of his math teacher.

A few months ago, I came to know that his math teacher has been changed. The new teacher is toxic to students as she is using very inappropriate language with her students. The attitude of the teacher is also very bad and she talks to students with arrogance.

A teacher is a role model for her students and students immediately start following the language a teacher uses in the classroom. Therefore, there should be some standards and policies of the institutes that can prevent everyone from using foul language as long as they are within the premises of the school.

My child also complains about the disrespectful and discriminatory behavior of the teacher towards him and many other students. He seems to be very disturbed and takes no interest in his studies. I fear that my child will develop some psychological issues due to the immoral behavior of the teacher also.

I urge you to take an interest in this matter and conduct a thorough investigation to confirm the issue.  To me, this is a serious matter that needs to be resolved as resolved at your earliest convenience.

I hope that this feedback will be helpful for you to improve the performance and attitude of your staff as the teaching staff is a backbone of an institute and it also has a capacity to make an institute prosper and work efficiently for the development of the students. Let me know if you want to know more about this matter.


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Complaint Letter to Principal about Teacher’s Immoral Behavior

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