Business Tie-up Proposal Letter

Business dealings need to be carried out carefully if they are to be effective. This includes a business tie-up as well. If you want to have some business tie-up with a certain company, you will have to give a well-framed proposal letter.

A business tie-up proposal letter is a letter that has all the necessary details concerning your company and the services that they provide. The letter will introduce your company. The tone of the proposal is a formal one.

A business proposal letter is important as it helps a business professionally communicate with clients. They can let clients know about the business and the services that it provides. The letter can be kept as proof in case any issue arises later and needs to be consulted.

When writing a proposal letter, you must make sure that it is professional and formal. The following tips can be considered when writing it:

  • Start by introducing your company by telling its name and what it is involved in. Explain why you are writing the proposal. Let the reader know what your company specializes in. In the next paragraph, you can give a brief history of the company. Tell when it came into existence and what it has been providing since then. Tell the aims of the company.

    In the next paragraph, you can talk about the experienced team of professionals that your company has and how they work to help clients out. Give the positive points of the staff here. The final paragraph can provide the reader with your contact details so that they can know how to contact you.
  • You can end with “Regards” and your name and signature. State your designation and the name of the company.
  • It is necessary to check the letter for any spelling and grammar errors. These should be fixed if you wish to give a professional image of the brand.

A business tie-up proposal letter is one that a business needs to carefully draft if they want to show clients what their business is involved in. The letter should be written formally if you want to get clients to consider your company.

Sample Letter


Dear Mr./Miss./Mrs. (Name of the receiver),

We at (name of your company) would like to formally introduce ourselves. We are writing this proposal to help cater to the needs of your company in an effective way. We have expertise in (telling what services your company can provide the client with).

(Name of the company) came into existence in (the year when the company was formed). Since its inception, the company has been providing (tell what services it has been giving and how these have helped businesses). We aim at (tell the aim of the business).

We have a specialized team of professionals (tell what the professionals are involved in). They know the needs of the business and give the best services suited to your requirements. (You can tell how your company helps people out).

If you are interested in working with us, you can contact us at (tell how they can contact you and when).


(Name of the sender)
(Designation of the sender)
(Company name of the sender)
(Signature of the sender)

Business tie-up proposal letter

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