Business Proposal Letter for Partnership

Many businessmen prefer to enter into a joint venture when they want to expand their business but don’t have enough resources to invest. Entering into a business partnership also allows a business to increase the customers’ base, enter the new market and boost the profit.

As a matter of fact, it is extremely beneficial for a businessman to convince another businessman to work with him in partnership. For this purpose, the owner of the business is required to write the business proposal which is winning and convincing at the same time.

What is a business proposal letter for partnership?

A business proposal letter is a formal document that is used by a businessman to highlight the benefits of the partnership, ultimate goals of the partnership and the scope of the business in which the partnership is to be made.

Importance of writing the business proposal letter for partnership

How you write the business proposal tells a lot whether you will be able to convince the other party or not. It is very important to let the other party know about your ideas and future plans that will attract the other party. If you think that your business is lucrative, the business proposal should highlight it. A business proposal letter for partnership explains all the short-term and long-term goals that a person wants to achieve with the help of partnership. Furthermore, this letter also states what benefits will the person being invited to start the partnership will render.

What are the tips for writing a business proposal letter

Here are some of the best tips that will definitely help you write an effective business proposal letter.

  1. Introduce yourself in the letter and your business in a concise manner. Make sure that you add all the required details in the letter
  2. Mention all the challenges that the other party is likely to face after entering into a joint venture
  3. Describe all the benefits that will be rendered by the other party
  4. Make sure that you write the proposal on the letterhead of your business

Sample Proposal Letter

Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing this letter to make a partnership proposal to your company ABC Limited.

My company, XYZ Limited, and your company are operating in the same market, having the same customer base by offering similar product lines. We both have the expertise, experience, and the latest technologies. No other competitor matches our strengths. We have always faced neck to neck competition, which has resultantly benefited only the customer in terms of lower prices.  

Considering this scenario, I have developed a partnership proposal for you, which I am attaching with this letter. I believe if we become partners, and operate in the market as one business, our profits and success level can drastically increase. In addition, we can share each other’s competitive advantages and provide customers with better quality products at lower costs. Furthermore, as this partnership means a merger of two big names of the market, we can set the price levels according to our choice.

I suggest you go through the proposal thoroughly and let me know what you think of it by contacting [X]. If you need any modifications, you can inform me about those as well.

Looking forward to partner with you.


Ross William.

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