Business Proposal Letter for Partnership

Many businessmen prefer to enter into a joint venture when they want to expand their business but don’t have enough resources to invest. Entering into a business partnership also allows a business to increase its customer base, enter a new market, and boost its profit.

As a matter of fact, it is extremely beneficial for a businessman to convince another businessman to work with him in partnership. For this purpose, the owner of the business is required to write a business proposal that is both winning and convincing at the same time.

What is a business proposal letter for a partnership?

A business proposal letter is a formal document that is used by a businessman to highlight the benefits of the partnership, the ultimate goals of the partnership, and the scope of the business in which the partnership is to be made.

Importance of writing the business proposal letter for partnership

How you write the business proposal says a lot about whether you will be able to convince the other party or not. It is very important to let the other party know about your ideas and future plans, which will attract them. If you think that your business is lucrative, the business proposal should highlight that. A business proposal letter for a partnership explains all the short-term and long-term goals that a person wants to achieve with the help of a partnership. Furthermore, this letter also states what benefits the person being invited to start the partnership will render.

What are the tips for writing a business proposal letter?

Here are some of the best tips that will definitely help you write an effective business proposal letter.

  1. Introduce yourself in the letter and your business in a concise manner. Make sure that you add all the required details to the letter.
  2. Mention all the challenges that the other party is likely to face after entering into a joint venture.
  3. Describe all the benefits that will be rendered by the other party.
  4. Make sure that you write the proposal on the letterhead of your business.

Sample Proposal Letters


I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this to draw your attention to a really beneficial partnership between our two organizations, namely, ABC and XYZ Company. We have both been ruling over the food industry for a long time but have not partnered up to seek more benefits.

Your organization specializes in providing excellent savory items that are devoured in seconds. Over the years, your company has developed a huge fan base, and the public eagerly awaits your products. I do not hesitate to appreciate my opponents in the same industry because I want what is best for the public. I am an eyewitness to your progressive growth and the quality you have maintained from day one.

I have always strived to present the best quality products to the public because I do not consider my organization a business but rather a way of spreading high-quality products and competing with international brands. We have always maintained a top position when beverages are concerned. Our most popular beverages are in high demand even after a decade, and this appreciation will never fade.

No savor is complete without a chilled beverage; therefore, our partnership will be the most popular link-up of all time. Mutually beneficial partnerships between both companies can lead to:

  • Hike in the demand for products because this partnership will be unexpected, thus making us more business.
  • You can enjoy the business provided by our loyal fan base and retailers that we have achieved over the past few years.
  • An opening for launching partnership-related products and increasing the hype among people.

I hope that you will consider my offer sincerely and give me a positive answer. I’m waiting for your reply.


I hope you are enjoying good health. I am writing this letter to present you with an offer that you cannot refuse. I have been managing my XYZ Company for two decades, and I have made a name for myself in the market. The business is going well; therefore, I want to expand it further. I officially offer a business proposal for you to partner up with my company and reach farther horizons together.

The ABC organization has made remarkable progress in the last few years. Your products have been amazing, and I am sure that you are aware of your overall worth. Once the business is stable, it is important to set different goals and strive to achieve them. I would like both of our organizations to partner up and reap the benefits of one another’s sowing. I am aware this offer might be unexpected for you, and you should not take any decision in haste, but I would like to throw some light on the avenues that will occur after this partnership.

Both of our companies share the goal of providing the best services and making a name for themselves. I would like to see how this collaboration unfolds for us. My company can provide tremendous technical knowledge, whereas your company excels in technology and its beautiful products. Both of these qualities can do wonders when combined. Through this mutually beneficial association, my ultimate goal is to do something great for our people and leave a legacy that can be continued. We both have marked our territory in our respective markets, and it is time for us to set the bar high. Using the expertise of both organizations can lead to cost savings and the proper use of manpower and technology.

I understand if you take your time to ponder over this proposal. Feel free to contact us to clear up your ambiguities or drop in to share your views. I look forward to hearing from you.


I am writing this letter to present you with a business proposal for a partnership between our ABC and XYZ organizations. Over the decades, both our organizations have endured hardships, but each time they came out successful and more powerful to fight. It will be a great collaboration to join our forces together and seek future endeavors.

I can understand that this proposal may seem out of the blue, but I have given enough time to this association and then presented it in the form of a proposal. I urge you to ponder this offer and evaluate its pros and cons.

Kindly inform me about your views on this offer. I’m waiting to hear from you.


Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing this letter to make a partnership proposal to your company ABC Limited.

My company, XYZ Limited, and your company are operating in the same market, and have the same customer base by offering similar product lines. We both have expertise, experience, and the latest technologies. No other competitor matches our strengths. We have always faced neck-to-neck competition, which has resultantly benefited only the customer in terms of lower prices.  

Considering this scenario, I have developed a partnership proposal for you, which I am attaching with this letter. I believe if we become partners and operate in the market as one business, our profits and success level can drastically increase.

In addition, we can share each other’s competitive advantages and provide customers with better-quality products at lower costs. Furthermore, as this partnership means a merger of two big names in the market, we can set the price levels according to our choice.

I suggest you go through the proposal thoroughly and let me know what you think of it by contacting [X]. If you need any modifications, you can inform me about those as well.

I look forward to partnering with you.


Ross William.

Business Proposal Letter for Partnership

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