Building Maintenance Log

Use of building maintenance log makes it easier for you to track all the tasks that are required to be performed in order to accomplish the tasks related to maintenance of a building. You can prepare a maintenance log and can view it daily to see how you are going.

A maintenance log is helpful for the companies which are in this business. The forms given on this website will help you prepare maintenance reports and job completion of the maintenance of a building.

Benefits of using maintenance log:

The key benefits of using this log are:

  1. You get a type of agenda in the form of maintenance log that drives you towards your goals very smoothly.
  2. Preparing the log in advance helps you get the information about the resources and the equipment that will need during maintenance. You will never run out of any resource when it will be needed actually.
  3. The maintenance log never let you forget anything important about the maintenance project. You can use it to remind other contractors and people working with you.
  4. When you get the information about the resources in advance, you can easily know about the budget you should allocate. It also enables you to cut some expenses to keep the budget lower.
  5. The maintenance log ensures that the entire maintenance work goes smoothly.
  6. You will never run out of time if you will strictly follow the maintenance log.

How to create a maintenance log?

In order to prepare a perfect log for yourself, you will have to go through following steps

  1. The first thing to conduct the thorough inspection of the building to be maintained.
  2. List down all those parts of the building that according to you, need maintenance.
  3. Conduct the budgeting of the entire maintenance project.
  4. The maintenance activities can be divided into long and short-term activities.
  5. Conduct the research on the maintenance and gather all the information. The information collected through the research is very helpful in preparing the log

If you are not aware of the format and complexities of maintenance log or you don’t have enough time to prepare a log from scratch, you can get the help from the readymade template of building maintenance log.

Preview and Details of Template

Building maintenance log

Building Maintenance Log Template

File: Word (.docx) 2007+ and iPad 
Size 45 Kb   | Download

This log is designed to keep the record of individual items kept by the building. Write item’s name, give it some description and enter the date of its maintenance. You can add three maintenance dates and if you want to add more you can simply do it by adding another column on the right.

Job requirement form for building maintenance


Job Requirement Form for Building Maintenance Template

File: Word (.docx) 2007+ and iPad 
Size 28 Kb   | Download

This form is designed for the building owner to keep a log of all the maintenance that was required to do at different times. We can name it job requirement form for building maintenance.

Enter the date, the name of the person who reported the maintenance need, description of the maintenance requirement along with job number and priority.

Job completion form for building maintenance


Job Completion Form for Building Maintenance Template

File: Word (.docx) 2007+ and iPad 
Size 32 Kb   | Download

This is job completion form that keeps a log of all the maintenance of a building.

It includes the description of work, maintenance completed by and the completion date.

The signature place is given to make sure the maintenance requirement has been completed.