Audit Notification Letter to Employees


Re. Annual Audit Announcement

Dear Employees, I hope this letter finds you well and you are working at your best for your personal and professional growth and the success of our organization. As the year has come to an end, you all know that we get our audit services by the end of every year.

However, we had many suggestions for changes in the schedule of the audit which could not be possibly considered because of the unavailability of the audit organization. An audit is important to evaluate the organizations’ policies, documentation, and analysis of the policy execution, data, and transactions made throughout the year.

[Name of the organization] is one of the well-reputed audit companies that professionally provide their audit services. Their team for the audit will arrive for the departmental audit in the next week. They will require complete documentation, analysis reports, previous annual reports, monthly reports, transaction details, and our policy execution details during the audit. You are required to organize these documents and required papers to avoid any inconvenience at that time.

The audit will start from [mention the date] and its duration will [mention the duration]. During this time, your cooperation and kind support will be highly appreciated. You are advised to stay professional and cooperative with the audit team who do not have any direct link with our department or the organization.

We expect precision and transparency in the coming audit. We request you stay regular and time-bound during these days. Thank you for understanding.


[Title of the Person]
[Company Name]

Audit Notification Letter to Employees

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Re. End of Fiscal Term Audit Announcement

Dear All,

I am writing to announce the upcoming audit in our company. As we are at the end of this term which is a fiscal year (20xx-20xx, it is important to get our internal matters of transactions, taxes, and other matters of finance and accounts.

This audit will be done by the [Name of the Audit Firm] who is an independent body and an auditing agency. They are very professional and report the audits in a very comprehensive and wholesome way. In the audit of this term, we want to focus on the loopholes and potential risks our organization can be at. Moreover, through this audit, we want a complete inspection of our policies and regulations so that a direct comparison of the alignment of the federal laws can be accessed.

In this audit, the auditing service might need additional information and documentation during the process of data collection or report compilation. For this sake, we request you to cooperate with the audit team and provide them with the relevant details and information.

In this audit, we want a smooth reception of the information, thus no blaming shall be tolerated. As a team, we should look at the weaknesses and loopholes as an opportunity to improve. We want you to stay professional and efficient during this.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the audit. You can reach me in my office or write to me at [mention the email address]. We are looking forward to your support and full cooperation. Thank you.


[Name of the Company]

Audit Notification Letter to Employees

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