Announcement Letter for New Product Launch

Launching a new product on the market is an overwhelming experience for the sales team as well as for the entire company. The Loyal customers of the company also feel excited whenever they see a new product on the market. Companies find a way to keep their customers hooked by writing a letter to let them know about the launch of a new product.

This letter is usually written before the launch of the product, and the product manager or any other person who knows the most about it reveals the details of the product. However, it does not give out all the details, as the company also tries to keep customers excited, and they keep waiting for the launch.

Why write a new product launch announcement letter?

Many people wonder why a company chooses to announce the launch of a product instead of directly launching the product and letting the customers explore the product themselves. When a company writes a letter, it makes people take more interest in the launch and excites them. Here are the top reasons to write the announcement letter:

It makes the product popular

When a company wants its products to be popular even before they are brought to market, it announces their launch. Some companies also write this letter when their previous product was not a success and now they have come up with a new idea that makes people rush to the market to buy the product and see the innovation. 

It increases the sales of the commodity

Many companies use this strategy to make people aware of a product because they want to increase sales of that commodity. When a company discusses a commodity, it talks about it in such a way that people start to develop an interest in it and an urge to use that commodity at least once. So, they purchase that product, which results in increased sales for the company.

It enables customers to make the right decision

The announcement letter generally discusses the specifications and features of the products that customers often don’t pay attention to when they are in the market to buy that item. This letter lets them know about the item in a better way before purchasing it and when they purchase it, they have peace of mind because they know that they have made a well-informed decision and they will not regret it later. 

It shows the interest of the brand in bringing innovation

Brands usually write the announcement letter when they have something unique and exciting to share with their customers about the item that is about to be on the market. They try to give the details that let people know that there is something different and compel them to give that item a try. This move by the brand shows that it is capable of bringing innovation, and its commitment to bringing innovation has been fulfilled.

What information should be included in the announcement letter?

A brand should include the following details in the letter when it wants its loyal customers to take full interest in the upcoming commodity:

  1. A brief introduction to the product and the company should be given in the letter to let people know what purpose it is going to serve in their lives. This part is more useful for people who don’t know much about the brand and its products. 
  2. A description of the specifications, as well as the features of the product to be launched, should be stated in the letter. It should also include some of its benefits to attract customers.
  3. The brand should also state the date on which the product will be brought to market. If there is an event at which it is going to be launched, a brief description of that event should also be included in the letter.
  4. Details of the price and any package or discount associated with the product for first-time buyers or first 100 buyers.
  5. A description of who should be contacted to gather more information about the item that everyone is waiting for.




Dear Customer,

We are glad to share that our new product has passed all the trials and has demonstrated impeccable results. We are delighted to share that our product is ready to launch, which is the result of the consistent hard work of our team. We are sure that the product will have extensive demand and prove to be our next flagship product.

The product will prove to be highly effective in the field of [mention the industry of the product]. The product has been manufactured with meticulous care and organic products. We have made use of each element in its manufacturing approved by the federal board of [industry name].

The product has been on trial for a long time before its launch. Fortunately, it showed great results. We are proud to announce that the product is the premium and flagship product of our brand.

Our brand has always been innovative, and we conduct annual research. We spend a good deal on research and product evaluation annually. We believe this product, like our previous products, will win your trust and exceed your expectations.

Our team worked day and night on this product and made it a success. We applaud their efforts and look forward to a very bright prospect for them in the future. Our marketing team has uploaded the launch posters to all our social media platforms.

We are giving special discounts in commemoration of the new product launch. To check the discounts, please visit our website or go to our social media link pages. If you face any difficulty ordering the product, you can contact our team manager at [phone number].

For complaints and suggestions, dial [phone number], and to order the product, you can directly place your order via phone call or WhatsApp at [phone number]. You can also visit our stores in our city branches. Thank you for your loyalty and trust in us.

Best Regards,


[Name of the Brand]

Announcement Letter for New Product Launch

Letter File

#2 -short format

(Name of customer)

(Address of customer)

Dear (Name of the customer),

As a valued customer at (state the name of your organization), we are grateful for your contributions. We extend our gratitude for your support. We are pleased to announce that (name of product) is here. This is a new product that aims to meet all your needs. We would like to invite you to the launch of this product at (state address) on (state date).

Thank you for your support.


(Your Name)

(Your Position)