Alert an employee of Negative Attitude

Employee management is not easy and managers/leaders routinely encounter difficult employees. Some employees misbehave, some are not responsible or productive enough, and some employees do not like supervision.

Often some people have an independent nature and it is difficult for them to handle being supervised or corrected. Supervision must not be taken negatively by an employee. However, it still occurs. The basis of this negative attitude is miscommunication between employees and management. Here are some circumstances where an employee takes to supervision negatively:

  • An employee takes supervisory comments negatively or personally
  • The employee feels disrespected or insulted
  • Employee rebels by direct refusal to obey orders
  • Employees fight or argue when given supervisory instructions or feedback
  • Employee is oversensitive
  • Manager insults employees for the tiniest mistakes
  • Manager is impatient
  • The manager tries to control every move

Such people often need to be handled carefully. Not all managers can handle independent or sensitive employees. Many managers may even be impatient and reprimand strictly for the slightest slack in work. Both the manager and the employees must behave professionally.

Managers must ensure that they impart fair and impartial supervisory advice to the employees in a constructive manner.

Similarly, employees must also take care of overreacting to supervision. Some employees have the habit of making an issue out of the slightest advice given to them. For example, an employee asked to revise a report may become angry or annoyed that their work required revision or the supervisor did not deem it fit for approval.

While the supervisor may have just asked for a revision, the employee may take it upon their entire work capability and even become upset at being supervised.

Another example is that the employee thinks they are above supervision and can do as they want. Often this happens to employees who are praised frequently or who know their value to the organization.

When someone supervises them, they become antagonized. However, such behavior is not appreciated anywhere. Employees must be practical and understand that those above them also must not only supervise but to report further to their supervisors. Supervision must be accepted positively and reasonably. Making more or less out of words will do more harm than good.

Sample letter

Dear Ms. Elaine,

Subject: Warning for showing a negative attitude towards the manager

It has been observed that your attitude towards supervision is not appropriate. It is the supervisor’s job to be constructive in their criticism and redirect their subordinates to improve performance. This does not imply a direct criticism of your skills or personality. However, you seem to personalize any correction made and are unwilling to handle criticism. We advise you to correct your behavior and develop a more professional approach toward supervision of your tasks.

Please note that all of us working here are answerable to our supervisors and there is always room for improvement. If there is an issue with our jobs, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to correct it. It is hoped that you shall be more positive towards supervision and supervisory criticism.

Look forward to a positive outlook.


Warning letter to an Employee for Negative Attitude

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