Video Production Bid Letter Samples

Re. Video Production Bid Letter

Dear Client, I am pleased to know that you want to partner with our team for the video production project we discussed earlier. First, thank you for relying on us and approving the project proposal. This letter serves as a bid letter in which we will communicate the service overview, scope of the service, pricing details, and further necessary information regarding the project.

On [date], we received your approval of the project proposal our team of content management submitted to you. However, there are some changes in the scope of the project as intimated by the email from your client coordinator. We can discuss the required alterations in the upcoming meeting scheduled on [date]. 

Project Overview:

The project includes:

  • Scriptwriting and revisions
  • Hiring of Camera Crew, equipment, and other crew staff
  • Shortlisting the cast for the video
  • Scouting of location for the shoot
  • Negotiations on the paid locations shoot sites
  • Videography and shooting
  • Production and co-direction
  • Sound mixing and motion images
  • Editing and final reorganization of the clips
  • Final delivery of the service in original and edited format

The scope of the project is wide and it will take us almost [number of days/weeks] weeks/days from the day of signing this project to shoot the video and deliver the final copy to you. The timeline is subject to any change in the schedule of the availability of locations, needed revisions asked by the client, and other unforeseen events. However, we are committed to providing the service before the deadline with high quality and valued service.

The cost of this project will be [mention the total cost] which includes all phases of production. The cost also includes the minimal expenditure of providing lunch and tea etc to the crew and the cast of the video. However, the bill will be changed in case of further revisions demanded by the client. The further cost will be according to our usual hourly rates that we provide to our short-term clients for short-term projects.

In case of any questions, please be open and discuss with us. Our client coordinator, Mr. [Name] will be at your disposal and you can contact him at [phone number] or write to him at [email address].

Thank you for considering our services.


[Company Name]

Video Production Bid Letter Sample

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Re. Bid on the Video Production Project w.r.t Request for Bid on [Date] by the [Name the Team/Department]

Dear Client,

Regarding the above-mentioned subject, I am writing this letter in the capacity of a bid proposal. I am excited to receive your letter requesting the bid and delighted to have your interest expressed in partnering this video production with our media team. I have mentioned all the necessary details in this letter, however, in case of any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We have received your proforma on the project of video production that you want to do in partnership with our media group. We are glad to know that you are interested in our team and want to co-produce the short film project. In this project, we can provide you following services for video production:

Pre-production: We can provide you with an initial consultation regarding complete scriptwriting, issues in the script, and required technical tools for the video production. We can also assist in improvising the script and other things during the phase of pre-production. We can also schedule several meetings to discuss the idea behind this project, the target audience, and the takeaways of this project.

Production: During this phase of main production, we will provide you with the needed workforce, i.e. cast and crew, camera tools and equipment, locations, music direction, motion images direction, main lead direction, DOP management, and other such services. During this phase, we will focus on the completion of shooting within the given time frame with the latest tools and skilled management.

Post-Production: This can be considered to be the last phase of the project in which we will provide you with the required editing and revisions of the production. We can provide services on revisions related to sound mixing, image enhancement, and quality enhancement. Revisions needed other than the mentioned will be charged extra.

Pricing: The price of this video production project will be $[x] which is open to negotiations. At this cost, we will provide two revisions for free, however, in case of further revisions, standardized rates will be applied.

Project Timeline: This project will take more than [x] weeks for completion and final delivery. However, the given timeline is subject to change in case of any problems, revisions, changes in the schedule, contract turnover, or other events.

If you have any questions, be open to asking, and let us know about your decision at your earliest convenience. In case of no response within one week, our team will have the authority to cancel the project and the proposed contract. Contact our Assistant Coordinator at [Phone number] or [email address] if needed. Thank you.


[Company Name]
[Signature & Date]

Video Production Bid Letter Sample

Letter Sample File 65 Kb