Salary Increment Request Letter

A salary increment letter is a letter of request written by an employee. In this letter, an employee addresses the Human Resource Department or the employer highlights his achievements, performance, and hard work, and explains why he deserves a raise.

If an employee has not been given a salary raise over a long period, he can write this letter and request the raise. In addition, after the end of the financial year, when the performances of employees are evaluated in terms of target achievement, hard work, and punctuality among other things, the employees with good performances expect an increment and if they do not get one, they can request by highlighting their performance.

There are different formats for writing a salary increment letter depending on why an employee is asking for a raise. For instance, if an employee has not received a raise for long, he would highlight his achievements and performance over some time.

On the other hand, if the employee thinks he deserves a raise after a financial year, he would mainly focus on his target meeting and other achievements of last year.

In whichever way the letter is being written, when writing such a letter, certain things are to be included to make the request worthy of approval.

  • Tenure
  • Accomplishments
  • Performance
  • Loyalty and determination to succeed
  • The reasoning behind the request
  • A kind of salary raise is expected

There is no need to be afraid of requesting a raise if an employee thinks he is worthy of it. However, when writing a salary increment letter, an employee should avoid complaining attitudes. In addition, the right time should be chosen for the request to be made.

Sample Salary Increment Request Letter


I am writing to ask if it is possible to receive a salary increment. Over the past seven years, I have been working consistently with dedication as the company’s (job position). I, therefore, believe a salary raise will be rewarding as well as motivating for me to further enhance my work performance.

I kindly request a meeting to further discuss this matter. I would appreciate your consideration and attention to the request.

I look forward to discussing this further.


I am writing to express my gratitude for the opportunities and support I have received during my time at ABC Company. I am proud of the progress I have made since joining your team. Additionally, I have taken on new challenges and continue to work hard to come up to the organization’s standards.  

As I continue to grow and develop professionally, I believe a salary increment would be justified considering my contributions to the company’s success. I am eager to discuss this matter further with you.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your kind response.


I am writing to request you for a salary increment. Considering my work performance during the past six years as the company’s (job title), a salary raise would be an encouraging gesture from the management.

I am open to discussing this matter further. I would appreciate your consideration.


As the company moves towards new goals for the upcoming year, I take this opportunity to discuss the matter of salary raise considering my contributions towards the success of the team for the past five years.

I have always come up to your expectations through my dedication and hard work. Furthermore, I have acquired new skills by attending company-sponsored workshops. This will help me make more valuable contributions to the future success of the organization.

Considering these points, I would like to request you for a salary increment. I am eager to discuss this matter further.

Looking forward to your reply.


Dear Mr. Steven,

I, Smith John, have worked with your organization for the last five years. I joined in as ‘HR officer’ and got promoted two years later as ‘Assistant Manager HR’ along with the increment. I have not received any salary raise for three years.

I have been working hard and delivering the results by optimally meeting the targets and the deadlines. In my current position, I have managed various projects and increased the overall productivity of the HR department by 12% over my tenure. In the last two financial years, I exceeded my targets by 7% and 9% respectively.

My HR manager often compliments me for my excellent communication and teamwork skills. I have never been hesitant to take up any tasks or added responsibilities. I am attaching my evaluation letters over the past 5 years with this letter.

I am not satisfied with my current salary and I believe that I deserve a better salary than that is being provided to me. I have served this company and contributed to its overall performance and success. My current salary is 10% lower than the industry average ( for this position. In addition, my salary is not equivalent to or sufficient for my current responsibilities.

I request you to look into this matter and increase my salary by at least 8% to $43,200 per year. I look forward to your positive reply.


Smith John.


Salary Increment Request Letter

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