Renovation Notice to Staff

Re: Office Renovation Announcement

I am pleased to inform you that we have received approval for the office renovation from the upper management. This renovation was a long-awaited project, and today we sent our requisite list to the service provider. This renovation project can take [mention the duration of the renovation completion] from the day it starts.

We understand that the office renovation can cause disruption at work due to the interference of the laborers and task managers and the noise coming from the drilling machines and other heavy machinery. To deal with this, we have planned to restructure the offices for a temporary period, which means all the officeholders will be sharing their office space with other employees. Moreover, departmental interference should be avoided and limited to the necessary communication.

Our renovation process will start on [mention the date] and is estimated to be completed by [mention the date]. However, this timeline is subject to change because of other factors like weather conditions, the availability of laborers, and others. With this renovation, we will have a modern infrastructure for the building, which will be captivating for our visitors and clients.

Moreover, we plan to paint the walls of all the floors and change the internal designs of the waiting lounge, cafeteria, and conference room. We also want to update the office furniture to give it a more professional and striking look.

Thus, we expect a good deal of support and cooperation from you. We request that you bear the disruption during the renovation process; however, we will try our best to minimize the disruption. During the renovation period, office timings will remain the same, and no work-from-home will be needed. Send me an email if you have any questions. Thank you!


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Renovation Notice to Staff

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Re. Office Renovation Letter

Dear All,

It is to inform you all that we are undergoing some changes in the office. This office was built in [mention the year], and unfortunately, it was never renovated after its construction. Looking at the required renovation, our senior administrators have approved the renovation application, and a summary of the renovation procedure has been sent to the service providers. We are waiting for the appropriate proposal that aligns with our requirements and interests.

In this process, you are supposed to cooperate with us in every possible way. During this renovation period, you will work from home for five days a week, and the office timing will remain the same. It is estimated that the renovation will not take more than two weeks.

For some employees, it might be difficult to work from home; therefore, we have designed some workspace for the employees who cannot work from home and want to visit the office. Those who are interested in working in the office during renovation, please send an email or SMS to the HR Manager, who will then arrange an appropriate working space for you.

We are looking at different ways to make this process speedy and time-bound; however, the renovation timeline is subject to weather conditions and other factors. We would appreciate your support, cooperation, and resilience during this time.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!


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Renovation Notice to Staff

Sample Letter File: 2 MB