Query Letter for Negligence of Duty

It is a type of warning letter in which an employee is asked as to why he has been negligent towards his duties. The employer asks the question regarding negligence. Due to this, it is generally known as a query letter.

The performance of each and every person working in the company is monitored continuously. They are then rewarded or reprimanded depending on what results come after their careful evaluation. Query letter for negligence is also for circumstances when someone has glaringly violated the policy of the company or showed indiscipline in any way.

The query letter written to the employee who has shown negligence is a clear indication to him that the employer is taking note of his performance. Employers also find it useful because it allows them to address what they think about negligence and what they expect from the employee in the future.

Through this letter, the employer also lets the employee know that what he has done right now will not be acceptable in the future again. This way, the employee comes to know about the seriousness of the matter, and he is likely to improve his behavior after that.

Points for writing:

  1. Use a strict tone so that the reader can understand the seriousness of the matter.
  2. Clearly state the negligence you have seen and its consequences if the employee commits it again
  3. Discuss that you are hopeful that the employee will not repeat

Sample query letter on showing negligence:

Subject: Query letter on carelessness

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing this letter to know out the underlying reason for the negligence you have been demonstrating at your workplace for the last two weeks. I and my team want to know what led you to behave like this

I have come to know from the manager that you are not in the proper working position and come to your desk at the workplace. You are also not submitting the assigned work on time and have missed many deadlines. Your behavior is completely against the policies of the company. 

I am very upset to see this performance of yours and therefore, I am writing you this query letter.

As per the policy of the company, it is mandatory for everyone including you to come to the office on time. Moreover, submitting the assigned work on time is also a compulsion as the delay often leads to the late delivery of the project. The company loses its credibility and integrity because of its employees who don’t perform their duties well.

I am hopeful that from now on, you will work with diligence and try not to violate the regulations of the company. If you have any queries regarding this letter, you can contact me.

Sample letter 2:

I am writing this letter to ask you why you have been not performing well at the workplace. Your supervisor has brought to my notice that you are negligent towards your work. You are not listening to the supervisor and the work you submit also has so many errors.

I have always seen you working hard, and I don’t expect you to behave like this. Therefore, I am still shocked to learn about your poor performance.

It is being reminded that you are obligated to follow the rules and principles of the organization you work for. When you don’t, you create problems for others and for yourself. The company cannot afford to bear such type of negligence on your end and therefore, you are being informed that if you don’t change your behavior, you will have to see serious steps taken against you

I hope that I will not receive another complaint against you and that you will try to bring positive changes to your performance. If you want to say anything regarding the charges of negligence pinned against you, feel free to contact me.