Unfair School Suspension Complaint Letter

It is a letter of grievance that a student shows when he or she feels that the suspension from the school was not fair.

It is a policy of a school to punish students in a number of ways. In some cases, the student shows the misconduct to the extent that they are held back from attending the school for a while. Students are suspended so that they can realize their mistakes and don’t repeat them. However, some students feel that they were not guilty of the offense they were charged for. In this situation, they can write a letter of grievance.

A letter with a complaint should be written appropriately so that it can have a strong impact on the reader, and can convince the reader into agreeing to resolve the matter and reverse the school’s decision to suspend the student. Here are a few useful tips:

  1. Explain the entire incident that leads the school to take this decision of suspension
  2. Describe your position and explain how you feel you are not guilty
  3. Don’t give negative remarks against authoritarians who pronounced this decision of suspension
  4. Humbly ask the principal of the school to take the necessary steps to resolve your issue

Sample unjust school suspension complaint letter

Subject: Complaint against unfair suspension

Respected Principal,

I am Mrs. Chriss, mother of Adams, a student of 6 class in your school. I am writing this letter to file a complaint against the suspension of my child from the school for two weeks.

I would like to begin by admiring your services and the administrative work you do for the school. It lies within the rights of the school administration to punish those students who are demonstrating misconduct or breaching the policies of the school. The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to a very critical matter of my child’s suspension.

Adams has been suspended by Mr. James who deals with the disciplinary actions of grade 6. Mr. James, no doubt, is a very competent teacher whose services for the school are praiseworthy. Mr. James has suspended Adams because according to him, Adams was caught cheating on the exam.

My child reported this incident to me before he was suspended. According to Adams, he has not cheated, and he should be at least given a chance to give explanations to clear his position. I was surprised when I came to know that the school had decided without closely scrutinizing the entire matter.

I consider this suspension to be unfair because the person deemed guilty of the offense has not been given a chance to clear his position. I would have accepted the decision of the school to suspect my child if the school had looked into the entire matter thoroughly.

It is my humble request to you to closely see this matter. It has unsettled my child badly. I request you to take appropriate actions and punish those who are responsible for it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sample unjust school suspension complaint letter

Subject: Complaint against unfair suspension

Respected Principal,

I am Chriss, a student in grade 7 at ABC School. My roll number is 1234. I am writing this letter to file a complaint against my unjust suspension from the school.

Last week, there was a brawl between a few unruly students in my class. I was not involved in it. I was trying to appease the situation. When the matter was taken to the administrative office, my name was also included in it.

I wanted to give explanations, but no one asked for them, and suspended me from the school with other boys instead. Charges pinned against me were baseless. I consider this suspension to be unjust.

It is my humble request to you to look into this matter closely and resolve my issue.