Response Explanation Letter for Negligence of Duty

People working in any organization are required to work with diligence and interest. Even if they don’t work with diligence, they should at least try to fulfill their basic responsibilities. When they are negligent and their performance is not up to the mark, they can be asked to write an explanation letter.

In this letter, an employee gives the reason as to why he was negligent. Even if he was not negligent, he will have to give the explanation that what the company has seen is not true. The explanation letter is good for the employee because it allows him to clarify his position. If the employee is guilty, this letter will enable him to apologize wholeheartedly.

Companies also want to receive this letter often because they come to know about the underlying reason for negligence. Sometimes, when they send an explanation letter, they give a message to their employees that they are noticing their performance and behavior. It is the main responsibility of an employee to write an explanation letter whenever he is asked to do so.

  1. Always refer to the letter or meeting in which you have been asked to write the explanation letter.
  2. Writing the explanation letter does not meet your need to write a long letter full of stories. Keep it short and make sure it does exceed the length of one page.
  3. Use a professional tone so that you can impress the reader.

Sample letter of explanation:

Subject: Explanation letter for showing carelessness

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to give you an explanation as to why I have been negligent in my duties for the last couple of days. I know that I was not performing up to the mark and this has disappointed you a lot. However, I would like to let you know that I was so stressed out in the last few days due to the health of my father.

 My father was diagnosed with cancer and I had to admit him to the hospital. There is no one to take care of him and therefore, I had to be with him all the time. Due to this, I was often late for work. I was also not completing the work that I was talking to home for completion. Since I was not paying attention to anything, I have seen that my health is also declining. I always keep thinking about my mother and this has affected my work life. I am working hard to get my life on track and start focusing on balancing my work and personal life.

I assure you that within a few days, you will see improvement in my work performance. Please pardon me for the negligence that I have shown. I assure you I will never disappoint you once I am back on track.

Sample letter 2:

Subject: Explanation letter for showing carelessness

Respected sir,

I have received a warning letter from the company in which I have been asked to explain as to why I have remained careless towards my office duties. Therefore, I am writing this explanation letter in response to that warning letter.

I am aware of my poor performance at the workplace and I also know that the company will never accept negligence towards work duties. However, I had a genuine reason for being off the track.

I am going through a hard time in my personal life and everything is messed up. I know I must balance my personal and professional life. I am currently trying to work through this difficult time. Due to the illness of my wife, my life routine has changed and been damaged to some extent. Now, my wife is on the road to recovery and I believe that she will be fine within a few days.

I assure you that this will not happen again. Please pardon me this time.