Parent Consent Forms

It is the right of every parent to decide on the education, health, and physical well-being of the child, as he is not mature enough to make wise decisions. In some countries and institutions, children must ask for permission from their parents in different situations. To ensure the safety of the child, some governments have also added this aspect to their laws.

Among the various laws and regulations present in a country, some of them are related to child custody and responsibility. An individual who is less than 18 years of age needs a guardian or parent to take on his responsibilities and look after him.  Such parents or guardians are given the right to make relevant decisions in the best interest of the child. These decisions may be of different types, including education, medical, traveling, residence, and much more.

Some institutes require the consent of the parents before engaging the children in some specific activities. This form is a document to be used in legal matters to ensure that the institute is permitted to participate in that activity. The form also acts as evidence in case a mishap occurs with the child.

Need for a parental consent form:

As per the rules and regulations present in a country or laws about child responsibility, if a child has to participate in an activity in the absence of his parents or guardians, he is required to provide permission to do so. This is where a parent consent form becomes effective.

It is the right of parents to keep track of every activity of the child in the school in a daycare center. It is also the responsibility of the school’s management to ask for permission from the parents.


A piece of written permission or document that allows the child of 18 years or younger to participate in an activity in the absence of his or her parents or guardians

The parent consent form may be required in several instances, like:

  • Traveling alone
  • Educational decisions
  • Medical-related treatments
  • Research Involvement
  • Blood donation

and much more.

A parent consent form must be signed by the parents and guardian to be effective for use. It is mostly dependent on the country’s laws and legal system to determine which activities require the production of a parental consent form and what the contents of that special permission should be.

When to use the parent consent form?

There are many scenarios in which the consent form is required to be used. Some of them are:

  1. When a child undergoes tattooing or piercing of the body, the parent consent form should be used to obtain permission.
  2. Doctors are also required to obtain permission before treating the child.
  3. The school’s management needs to get this form filled out before taking the child on to trip or making him participate in the game.

What should be included in the form?

The main details that are included in the parent consent form are

  1. The nature of the activity for which the parents are asked to fill out the consent form
  2. The parents of the child should also be informed about the risks, benefits, and all other details.
  3. The rights of the child should also be clearly stated in the consent form.

Tips to make the parent consent form:

  1. The form should include concise details relevant to the form.
  2. The details should be easy to read and understand.
  3. The font of the form should be simple and easy to read.

Sample Templates

Medical consent form

Medical Consent Form

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