Business Share Certificate Template

When it comes to a matter of ownership in a company share certificate is the best choice to use as an award certificate.

A certificate of share or share certificate serves as a document that contains necessary information about the shareholder. The information could be particular information related to the shareholder, about the company, number of shares and price of each share etc.

A share certificate template is a simple document in the form of designed certificate which companies can use as company share certificate. The given template can also be used as a stock certificate or stock share certificate.

About Templates

The template is designed and prepared by professionals. The template is designed using Microsoft Word. It has all the features to use it in its original format. However, it is equipped with all options to edit or customize it accordingly as per one’s requirement.

The share certificate template has maximum facilitating features to use it. To use and download the template no special techniques or software is required. No special registration like many other website’s demands is needed. The options are very flexible. A preview has been added also to facilitate user to have a quick look at its appearance and then a link is given to download the template.


The editing options of the template are very simple. To edit the text simply open the template using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. Select the text you want to edit and then delete it to replace with a new required text. Text position can also be changed. For this just select and drag the text from its original position to required one.

Furthermore, a user can give more styles to text by selecting different fonts of Microsoft Word. The user can also make use of clip art option to change the look of text. Headings and borders can also be changed from given images.

Preview and Details of Template

Business Share Certificate Template

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Business Share Certificate Template

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What is a business share certificate?

It is a type of certificate issued by a business when it wants to certify that a company or a person has got shares in the business. When a person or a company invests money in the company and buys shares, they get the legal ownership of some of the shares of the company.

The main details that are included in the business share certificate are the name and contact details of the shareholder, number of shares held by the shareholder and lots of other details.

According to experts, the business share certificate is considered as a document which is substantial for a person to certify his ownership of shares in the company. A business share certificate is issued by a business owner and at the same time, the share number and details of the shareholder are mentioned in the register of members.

In this way, the ownership of the shareholders gets legal recognition. Therefore, it is very important for you to ensure that your name has been added to the shareholder member register. In this way, the shareholder ensures that the certificate awarding body and the register of shareholders are consistent.

Why is shareholder certificate important?

A shareholder certificate is needed to be issued by the company in order to certify that the person who has purchased the shares is the owner of those shares. It is obligatory for every business to issue the certificate of share within two months. The shareholder can never claim to be the shares’ owner of the company if he does not possess the share certificate.

What should be included in the business share certificate?

The key details that should be included in the share certificate are:

  1. The share certificate number which is unique in every certificate
  2. The name of company issuing the certificate
  3. Office address of the company
  4. Contact details and name of the shareholder
  5. Number of shares bought by shareholder

A business share certificate template is also available to be used that provides the fields to be filled by the user and use the certificate in no time.