Notice for New Office Timings

Time is a phenomenon that keeps on going. It can never be stopped. That is why it is said to cherish time and take advantage of it. Time can be considered as a potential ingredient of all the surroundings. Correct utilization of time leads to success and satisfaction.

An individual who knows the correct utilization of time even in daily routine is much more successful instead of those who just waste time. Additionally, all individuals must respect and acknowledge the importance of time rather than regret in the long term.

The official rules are somewhat strict and somewhat relaxed. A sensible person can benefit from relaxed policies and follow strict policies diligently to achieve the required tasks assigned. But, all the members, employees and branch officers must be careful regarding the timings of office.

One must know about all the amendments in the office timing schedule to avoid any hindrances. The extra-working hours are sometimes assigned during crucial circumstances. The officials must be keeping notice of such timings also.

The workplace is supposed to provide all the important schedules clearly and on time to avoid misunderstandings. In return, the officials are supposed to strictly follow the timing schedule, task schedule, etc. Sometimes many circumstances lead to amendments in timing. The notice must be sent to all the departments.

It must be ensured to deliver the new timing circular is among all the members of the workplace. The reasons for changes can also be mentioned in such notice.



This letter intends to apprise you of the new office timings with effect from [mention date]. It is imperative to adjust yourself to the new schedule. Our organization works on a deployed system so its timings will be slightly divergent from other organizations. Our new working hours will be from 9 am to 5 pm and the weekend will be off totally. You will be given one hour break from 12 pm to 1 pm. Every employee must reach the office on time and late coming will not be counted as present. Continuous tardiness in following office timings will result in a salary deduction.


Please be informed that due to weather fluctuations, we have modified our working hours. The temperature of Michigan has reached the freezing point with snowstorms and heavy rain forecasting. Due to this, we have decided to close the office a little early. Once the temperature gets increased we will reschedule the timings. For this month, your timings are from 9 am to 4 pm. This change is constrained on account of bad weather. As the office hours have been reduced, you need to increase your work productivity. Please be informed that this change is temporary and your salary will remain the same. Thank you.


This is an official announcement made by the CEO about the changed working hours. From [mention date] your office timings will be from 9 am to 5 pm. There will be a half-hour break from 12 pm -12:30 pm. These timings are subject to all the staff members. Our sales season is about to start and it requires a lot of effort and dedication. I want you to remain steadfast and cooperate with us to pull off the set targets. If any employee feels uncomfortable with the timings, then visit me tomorrow in the office.


Dear staff members, this notice had been sent to let you know about the new office timetable. This is the final decision of the administrative directors and everyone is subjected to follow it. Your attendance will be biometric, so make sure to reach the office fifteen minutes earlier. There will be no relaxation for latecomers and late coming will be counted as absence.

In case there is urgency, then drop me an email. Many of you will find it difficult to get manage with the changed schedule. I assure you that in a few days, you will learn to execute juggling pieces of work in no time. If you do not adjust yourself to it then strict action will be taken against you. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday with new passion and zeal!


This message sets the purpose of the changes that have been made in-office schedule. We have changed our timings from 8 am to 4:30 pm. During break time, you will get free food of your own choice from the cafeteria. You will be allowed to eat in the canteen only. Our worthy CEO is much concerned with punctuality and you need to espouse it. I hope that you will maintain the office’s discipline and will follow punctuality. We demand mutual coordination from our staff to run a smooth and thriving business.

The Notice

Office timings are central for both, workers as well as bosses. This notice is sent to you to make you conscious of new timings set by the organization. We wish to establish permanent office timings which we want to make sure everyone follows. We anticipate that all of you should reach and leave the workplace on time.

The elementary plus of stable scheduling is that a very suitable harmonization among the staff is developed. This timetable can also be hard-hitting and unpleasant for many workers who must perform multiple responsibilities to a bordered extent but with the passage of time, they will be habitual to perform multiple tasks in a very limited time.

Kindly take this letter as a reminder. New office hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Anyone who does not put up with this imperative might be subjected to a warning to suspension in a short time period if warnings are not dealt with timely.

The employees who will enter the office after 9:10 will be considered half-day absent resulting in the half-day pay deduction. For that reason, you are informed that new office timings will be valid right from the day after tomorrow dated [DATE] straight on.

We want our teams to work together with us so that a strong and vigorous functioning setting can be established.


Notice to staff for new office timings

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