Adhere to Office Timing Circular to Employees

The habits of a person play an important role in the workplace. The way an individual behaves, responds, and communicate is indirectly associated with his nature and habits. One important trait of a habit is punctuality. Some people are habitual of punctuality. This is a remarkable habit. And, it proves very beneficial in the workplace.

The first and foremost requirement of almost all kinds of workplaces is the punctuality of time. Time is that parameter, which gives a sensation of comfort if utilized in the correct way. This comfort is a great blessing, as the things that happened according to their assigned time are everlasting.

The workplace adheres to all the members from top to bottom to follow some policies. Such policies must be designed in such a way that they bring a sense of understanding and responsibility among the employees.

Moreover, all head of the departments is obliged to make their crew follow the official instruction calmly and whole-heartedly. Despite this, the employees must be given enough space to easily communicate if they are having some serious issues with not following the official timings.

If the workplace is facing the issue of time from the employees, they can write an adherence to office timings. In such a letter, they can mention the relevant dates of not following the time policy. They can also mention the references to any warnings so far received by the relevant employee. They can also mention the delay faced in the submission of the assigned tasks.



This message is for ABC Organization’s personnel about adherence to office timings. There will be no relaxation for late coming employees, and infringement of office timings will be considered unprofessionalism. From [mention date], the attendance will be biometric, so please be punctual to ensure your presence. Many employees were showing tardiness turning a deaf ear to reprimands and compelled us to issue this circular.

If any employee is found showing a careless attitude then it will be considered a punitive act. Making the office environment healthy is all of your responsibility. I hope that you will show persistence.


This message serves to address all the employees of ABC Corporation to act in accordance with the office schedule. I was observing your attendance record and got appalled that you were not punctual. I strictly follow rules and will not provide any respite in this regard. Dissension to follow proper timings will badly affect your employee’s record. Please make sure to reach the office at 9 am. Thank you.


On behalf of Mr. David, this message is being circulated to Howard Company’s employees. According to this, it is incumbent for every worker to remain stick to office timings. An imperceptible change has been made in previous timings and new timings are from 8: 30 am to 3:30 pm. It will be followed by a half-hour break from 12:30 pm to 1 pm. Every company follows discipline principles and demands its employees to be punctual.

All of you will report ten minutes earlier than the actual time. After thirty minutes of attendance, no employee will be allowed to enter the office. The organization will deal with the employee seriously who will be involved in the treacherous activity. Your monthly attendance record will be maintained and on its basis, your performance will be evaluated. I hope you all will work together to ensure a disciplined environment.


Hope you all have been doing great. Please be informed that from [mention date], you will come to the office following new office hours. Your working hours were reduced earlier due to the cold temperature in Manchester. You have been informed then that this is a tentative schedule and soon you will be updated about new timings.

The new timings will be from 8 am to 2:30 pm for the morning shift and from 4:30 pm to 11 pm for the second shift. Every employee must cohere to the company’s policies. If anyone will remain absent for 3 consecutive days without informing then he will be kept on a probation period. To avoid any inconvenience, you need to be on the dot.


This is to bring to your notice that on account of all of your requests, we have made changes in office timings. We will now be open from 9:30 am to 6 pm. I hope you all will be happy with this change. Please make sure to enhance your productivity and remain to adhere to office timings. We have come this far with your incessant support and combined efforts. I expect the same from you in the future.

The Circular #6

This letter is to inform all the workforces that you are supposed to follow the office timings firmly. If an employee is observed violating the office timing, the corporation would be on the right to take severe actions against him/her. Furthermore, you are considered to mark your attendance with the precise timing of a routine activity on a daily basis.

The management has observed that many of you are not following the office timing & laying back all the warnings they have got in the form of warning notices. It is an in-disciplinary act that may clue to deferment in arranging important documents by hindering in the way of relaxed functioning.

Deliberate postponement and the repetition of keeping the task incomplete should instantly be immobile. The employees are rigorously drilled to array all the awaiting exertions within the limited span of ten days. Additionally, an evaluation will be made regarding the improvement in the matter on coming Friday.


Adhere to office timing circular to employee

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