Letter of Intent to Return to Work

Employees can take leaves for a range of reasons. These leaves can be for study purposes, maternity issues, major illnesses, accidents, or any other personal reason. There is a set process in all organizations that need to be followed upon leaves request. A variety of forms are being designated in the official curriculum for taking leaves.

Once the approved leaves time is about to end different formalities need to be done before re-joining. One way is to write a letter of intent to return to work. This letter can also be written if the employee wants to rejoin before the completion of approved leaves.

The letter of intent is the main requirement in such a case. It can be written by both the employer and the employee depending on the nature of the decision for intention. A fine letter of intent creates a first-class impression.

If the employer is writing the letter of intent, he needs to confirm the leave starting and ending dates. He also makes sure to remind the employee about his old job, designations, rules, and obligations. He also gives a glimpse of having cooperation from the employee.

When the employee wants to write a letter of intent; he/she must first give good regards to the employee for all the ease given for the requested leave approval. He must confirm his redemption date as given by the supervisor. He can also request or ask for any necessary changes done that must be known to him/her during his absence.

The letter #1

I’m thankful to you for approving my work dispensation from 1st January through 11th of April 20XX. As formerly fixed upon, I will be recurring to my position as a local sales representative on April 11. I have also attached copies of my medical certificate and relevant documents as you know that I was on medical leave.

I have also enclosed a discharge letter from my doctor affirming that I am able to return to work. The letter also specifies some on-the-job margins related to my medical situation. As you can see in my attached letter from my surgeon, I will be narrowed to part-time labor for the next four weeks until I am entirely recuperated from my operation.

I intend to get back up to speed with my position as my subordinate has kept me acquainted with variations and fluctuations in our consumer-grade and provided me with comprehensive outlines of new products and amenities that have been familiarized in my absence. I’m assertive that I’ll be capable to smash the ground successively upon my coming back.

Once again, thank you for your fortitude and consideration throughout my contemporary surgery and repossession. I’m privileged to be hired by a corporation such as ours and I look frontward to getting back to work.

Letter of intent to return to work

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Letter #2

Dear Matt,

Hope you’re having a great time at work.

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am ready to join on Monday again. As you know, I was on my maternity leave starting from [DATE] till [DATE]. I am sure you will be aware that I had this discussion with John, my supervisor that I will be coming back and working on a part-time basis for two months.

I am a very diligent worker and I am more than confident that I will be able to juggle well between my personal and professional life. I have attached my updated papers from the physician.