Employee Travel Information Forms

Information forms are always used to gather information about a specific process or entity. The content of these forms varies depending on what kind of information is being collected and for what purpose.

Different organizations use these forms as they use it to carry out various steps. Some of them also use them to verify the information that they always have in their database. After the process of verification, they can take the necessary steps.

One of the most commonly used information forms is the employee travel information form. Let us see the use and purpose of this form in detail. 

What is an employee travel information form?

It is a professional form that many organizations use when they want to capture information about the employee’s journey when he is going on a business trip or for a personal family visit.

Some companies take the responsibility to make arrangements for the entire journey of the employee especially when it is a business trip. They often pay the employee for the entire trip. 

What is the purpose of the travel information form?

Many organizations give free traveling to their employees for a personal trip as a part of the benefits that they get with the job. Some employees also work for the company and their nature of the job requires them to travel from one city or country to another city or country.

In this situation also, a company has to bear the expenses. However, it is not easy for a company to compensate the employee for the travel-related expenses unless it has all the information regarding the traveling of the employee. Some companies also use this form because they want to ensure the safety of the workers.

They can check in on the source and destination arrival time of the person who is on a business trip. In case the employee needs reimbursement, this form lets the company know how much it has to pay to the employee and the company can also know whether the employee is being truthful regarding his spending on the business trip. 

Employee Travel Information Form

MS Word 2010/+ File

What to include in the travel information form for an employee?

Personal details of the form:

The employee should provide his details in the form including his name, position in the company, department where he works, a unique employee ID, and other details depending on the preferences of the company. 

Details regarding travel:

The details regarding the visit of the employee include the name of the destination, the type of the trip (whether a business trip or a personal trip), the starting and ending date of the traveling, and much more. These days let the company know how many days the worker will not be here in the office and will be out of station. 

Accommodation detail:

Since a company also has to pay for the accommodation of the employee, there are some fields in the form that collect information about the accommodation. If companies don’t fund accommodation, they simply remove this portion from the form. 

Details regarding transportation:

This part of the form captures basic details regarding the mode of transportation used by the employee, details of the ticket, the name of the flight or bus, departure and arrival date and time, and much more. 

Expenses information:

Since the employee wants to be paid for all the expenses he has made, he should give detailed information about the money he has spent on buying tickets, arranging accommodation, food and much more. 

Signatures of the authority:

There is a part at the end of the form which is for the person who has the authority to approve or reject the application of the employee to compensate him. If the information is collected and it turns out that it is verified, the signatures of the authority will be taken down at the end of the form. 

Employees should always know that they need to provide accurate information to the company if they want to get compensation. Therefore, this form should be filled with care.