Applications for One Day Off

Different organizations have different process to be followed to avail one-day leaves. These leaves are usually taken by the employees in case of emergencies, sickness, and personal life matters among other reasons.

The main reason these leaves are popular among employees is that organizations allow official leaves with pay for a certain number of days, which can be availed throughout the working year.

The leave availing system depends from organization to organization. Some companies count emergency leaves, sick leaves and official leaves with pay as different categories of leaves, while other companies add all paid leaves to one category. Any leave taken after the official leaves are used will be unpaid holidays.

Applications need to be submitted by any employee seeking time off to work. These applications are either submitted through filling a leave application form provided by the organization when seeking a planned leave. This form needs to be signed by the employee and their supervisor before it is submitted to the HR department.

In case of emergency, the employee needs to inform their supervisor about their unplanned absence. The best way is to inform the supervisor verbally and then sending them a message through appropriate means of telecommunication such as a text message or email, as a proof of informed absence.

If an employee has a habit of missing work without informing their supervisor, a warning letter is to be issued to the employee. In case, the warning letter has not helped correct the employee’s behavior regarding availing leaves without the appropriate approvals, the organization can take disciplinary action against the employee.

The disciplinary action depends on the severity of the issue. In some situations, the organization may deduct the pay for that day from the employee’s paycheck. If the actions of the employee adversely affect the work of the organization, it could lead to the employee being fired.

The organization usually has readymade templates for leave application that need to be filled by the employee. This template mainly consists of the information of the employee, the reason for leave, and their supervisor’s approval/signature.

If the application form is not available, the employee needs to submit an email requesting their supervisor and the HR department for a leave. The email should consist of the reason for leave, the date the employee has planned to avail their leave and when they are to return to work.

The leave system is a very important mechanism for the HR department as it helps them maintain a steady record of the organization’s workforce.

Application for One Day Off

Hello Kim,

Application for One Day OffI am not feeling good to come to the office today. Last night I had a slight pain in the back of my head which I ignored and went to bed.

The pain gets worse when I woke up today morning around 5 a.m. I called my doctor and upon visiting she has advised me to take rest for two days. The possible reason for the pain is extra work that I have been doing for the last one week. I have informed William to handover necessary files to you for signatures.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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