Applications for Casual Leave from Office

Every employee in an organization is entitled to take leave once in a while. That is the way companies give privileges to their employees. It is the right of the employee to get casual leave whenever he needs it if the reason is genuine.

However, the employee should also understand his responsibility to inform the company about that leave so that the company can allocate his job to someone for a day.

By writing an application, you show complete professionalism with your job. It is also very helpful because it convinces the employer to grant you leave.

Tips for writing an application for casual leave:

  1. It is important for you to keep the tone of the application polite and formal because you are going to submit it to your employer and it should be able to put a positive impression on him.
  2. The reason behind asking for casual leave should also be mentioned in this application. Make sure that you state the reason and clear words and that there is no ambiguity in it.
  3. It should be written in very convincing words so that the reader will immediately sanction the leave.
  4. The application should be written very concisely.
  5. After writing the complete application, proofread it to see if there is any grammatical a spelling mistake

Below is a sample application that will give you a clear understanding of writing an application for casual leave.

Application Sample -1

Subject: One Day Leave for Urgent Matter

Respected sir,

I want to bring it to your kind attention that my wife is suffering from a fever and I want to take her to the doctor for a medical test. She is also complaining about pain and needs to be given immediate and proper medical attention.

I am very much concerned about her health. For this purpose, I am required to take leave from the office for 2 days.


Yours sincerely.

One day leave application to look after wife

Leave application to look after the wife

Application File 78 KB

Casual applications are very commonly used applications because everyone working in an organization needs to get a leave once in a while. You should know how to draft a professionally written application in a convincing manner.

Application Sample -2

Respected Sir,

It is to bring to your attention that I have recently shifted to my new home at Avenue Field II, Parklane. The shifting of the home was planned for the coming vacations, but my old landlord had to evacuate us due to legal reasons. So, at this time I am in trouble as my house is completely in disordered form.

I must arrange things at my new home and for this, I need to have at least two days off from the office.

Please accept and approve my leave application for two days. I will be much thankful to you.

Leave application to settle at new home

Leave application to settle at new home

Application File 56 KB

Application Sample -3

Respected Sir,

My son Meezo was playing on the football ground with his friends when he got into an accident yesterday. The accident was serious as he got his right leg fractured. I had to take him to the hospital where he is in the intensive care unit.

My wife Sam cannot handle this situation alone. So, I need some days off from the office to help my son get recovered.

Please accept my application for leave for one week. In case the situation gets better I will be joining back before time.

Leave application for kid got fracture

Leave application for a kid who got a fracture

Application File 35 KB

Application Sample -4

Hello Ifra,

This is quite a sudden to inform you that my wife has got Malaria that is diagnosed last evening. I have taken her to the hospital where she has got admitted for preliminary medical tests and treatment.

This is the time I must stay with my wife to support her in recovering from the disease. For this, I need to stay off from the office for the coming two days.

I have instructed Ms. Rose to take care of the files you handed over to me for insurance reports and called me for any help I can during my absence.

Please accept my application to grant me leave for the said days.

Leave application for wife got sick

Leave application for wife got sick

Application File 75 KB

Application Sample -5

My son Meezo has graduated and the award ceremony is going to be held on 25th April at 9:30 A.M. The duration of the ceremony is two hours.

I and my wife are invited to the ceremony as Meezo has got the 2nd position in his class. To cheer this special moment, I request you to please grant me a leave of 3 hours on 25th April from 9:00 A.M to 12:00 Noon. I will be back in the office after lunch.

Thank you.

Leave application to attend sons graduation party

Leave application to attend son’s graduation party

Application File 45 KB

Application Sample -6

Peter Higgs the brother of my wife passed away last Saturday in an accident. The family has planned the funeral ceremony to be held at 56 Avenue Park at 3:00 PM Tuesday.

I am writing this application to grant me leave of two hours on Tuesday from 2:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. so that I can attend the last rituals of the deceased.

I will be thankful if you consider my application for approval.

Leave application for the death of a relative

Leave application for the death of a relative

Application File 45 KB

Application Sample -7

Yesterday I received a letter from the tax department to clear the matter of my tax amount deposit. My tax payment for the house I purchased has some discrepancy that needs to be resolved in my presence at the National Tax Center.

To attend to this and to resolve the matter I need three hours of leave from the office on Tuesday 27th of November from 9:00 A.M to 12:00 Noon. I shall be thankful to you for this approval.

Casual leave application from the office

Casual leave application from the office

Application File 45 KB

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