Recommendation Letter for Promotion

A Recommendation letter for promotion is an endorsement of an employee’s capabilities for the purpose of getting promoted. It is requested by an employee, usually, from a supervisor or a colleague to recommend him and increase his chances of promotion. It is addressed to the employer in charge or the authorized person who has the power to promote.

An organization, usually, have a promotion policy stated and communicated to employees. The internal promotion depends on many factors. Some of them are:

  • Performance of an employee over a period of at least two years.
  • The fit of employee’s capabilities and skills with the higher position.
  • The willingness of the employee for increased responsibilities.
  • Availability of vacant position which can be better filled by an internal employee.
  • Recommendation and positive evaluations of an employee from managers and colleagues.

In the recommendation letter for promotion, the recommendation is based on the skills, capabilities, and performance of an employee. The recommender guarantees that the person has the abilities to get promoted and therefore, he can be held responsible as well in case of an unfortunate experience.

This letter of appraisal should be convincing enough for the employer to consider promoting a person. Therefore, usually, the employee requests someone who knows him well in terms of his personal and professional capabilities to write this letter. This endorsement can be done by a supervisor/manager or a co-worker who has worked with the employee and has known his achievements. If the promotion is for a leadership position, the recommender should be carefully selected.

An employee is recommended for promotion for various reasons:

  • The manager thinks that the employee’s hard work should pay-off by having a promotion.
  • The supervisor wants to increase the morale of not just the employee requesting the letter but all the employees to show that their good performance can lead them to a higher step in the ladder.
  • Internal promotion is usually one of the significant parts of HR policy and when a vacancy appears, employees expect a recommendation from their supervisors.
  • The authorized person for promotions often values the recommendation from managers or colleagues to a great extent as this serves as an evidence of employee’s capabilities.

Promotion is a great tool for increasing motivation and the letter of recommendation can certainly help in making it possible.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion





Dear Mr. Bill,

I find great pleasure in recommending ‘Mr. Greg’ for the position of ‘Assistant Sales Manager’ for our company. As a Sales Manager and his supervisor, I can certainly endorse his skills and capabilities for this new position. Mr. Greg joined our sales department as a Sales Executive four years back and has been working under my supervision since then.

Mr. Greg has excellent communication skills and he is a great team-worker. His performance over his tenure has been exceptional and the clients have always given positive feedback about his friendly personality.

He is a team-lead of eight employees who are working as sales executives. He always manages to achieve the targets rather, often, exceeds them. He has outstanding managerial skills and is always ready to take additional responsibilities.

I highly recommend him as I think he has all the capabilities to fit the new position. Please, feel free to contact me if you need any further information.


Will Edison.


Recommendation Letter for Promotion