Leave Applications Forms

What is Employee Leave Application Form?

The employee leaves application form is an official document which all the renowned and remarkable companies, organizations and agencies contain. It is basically a professional way by which the employee informs and requests the higher authorities to get the approval of his leave. Taking leave without leave application form is an unprofessional way which surely leaves a bad impact regarding the employee. Fill out all the details mentioned on the form and forward it to the company to get the approval of your leave.

Absence Information:

We design the employee leave application form having all the necessary details and options on it. These include the company name and company logo which act as a key element of form recognition. Further, it includes the details regarding the employee such as employee name, his designation and the dates on which he is requesting for taking off. The nature of leave such as casual leave, annual leave, sick leave or other would be marked on the form. Moreover, the reason can be mentioned in written format to make the higher authorities aware of the intensity of leave which acts as a deciding factor for approval or disapproval.

Manager Approval:

At the bottom, it has the option for the manager to mark the approval in case of approval of employee’s application or mark disapprove as per their company’s need.

Employee Leave Application Form in MS Word Format:

Get your hands on the most professional employee leave application form by simply download it. Key features of the template are

  1. MS Word file format: Use MS Word software to download and edit the document.
  2. Printable: Print the document after you are done with necessary changes or simply filling it.
  3. Reusable format: Use this form as a standard format for your organization. Make it available to the employees so that they fill it to submit each time they want to go on leave.
  4. Professional design: Professional design of the form make you feel confident to use it for your company/organization.
  5. Layout: It has all important fields in it including the company name, company logo, employee information and his leave details.
  6. Customization: If you want to make some changes in the form it is easy. Personalize the form with your personal requirement.

Preview and Details of Template

Leave application form template MS Word


Leave Application Form

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