Leave Application Letters

Jobs come with their own employment benefits and perks. One of them is to avail leaves. But you do not get leaves just like that. Every company has its own leave policies and to avail them the employees must use formal ways to apply for the leave.

For this purpose, a leave application letter must be written. The process comes out to be easy, you write a leave application letter and submit it to the human resource department. They will forward it to the respective manager for approval or rejection.

With research and advancement in workplaces, the companies have very well-defined policies. The concept of verbal and unannounced leaves has been abolished.

Writing leave application letters can be more beneficial. Documentation is the core of any business/work. If it is not written or documented, it doesn’t even exist. For this reason, a written application will always be proof that you applied for the leave stating any reasons.

Writing a leave application is just not enough. A well-written leave application can result in the leave being accepted.

It is very important to write a very clear leave letter stating all the reasons for the leave. The application should include the dates for the leave period. This helps the employer to arrange for a cover in the absence.

The letter should be formal and maintain a very polite and requesting tone. Emergency contact details should also be mentioned in the letter.

It is a very good practice to attach supporting documents. This makes your leave decision stronger for the employer.

If you have arranged for any fellow employee to look after your responsibilities in your absence, that should be mentioned in the letter.

Leave application letters can be used for various circumstances such as sick leave, travel purposes, annual leaves, personal/carer’s leave, and compassionate leave. For all these leave types, it is best to apply for the leave in advance.

This will make you appear more professional. If the reason for the leave is related to health, it is best to attach the medical reports with it.

Transparency is very important and keeping the letter as clear as possible would be very helpful. Showing your plan to provide a cover and how your work will be handled in your absence increases the chances of the leave is approved.

Providing alternatives like working remotely and taking up any emails should also be a part of the leave.

Sample Leave Application Letters


Due to sickness

leave application due to sickness

This is to inform you that I have been diagnosed with typhoid. My health condition does not allow me to attend the office and perform routine tasks. I have been advised by my doctor to take a rest for at least one week. I have attached my medical certificate and the doctor’s prescription as proof of my illness. Kindly grant me leave for one week starting on 13th July. I hope to recover fully during this time so that I can resume office activities as soon as possible.

I shall appreciate your kind consideration.


Family emergency

leave application due to family emergency

I regret to inform you that I shall not be able to attend office for the next 2 days due to a family emergency. Kindly grant me leave for the 26th and 27th of November. I have guided my assistant to reschedule all due appointments with our clients. I shall take care of all the pending work as soon as I return to work.

I shall be much obliged to you for approval of my leave application.


Accompany father at the hospital

leave application to accompany father at hospital

With due respect, it is stated that I need to accompany my father to the hospital tomorrow for his routine check-up. I, therefore, request you to grant me leave for one day, 4th May 2018.

I have already completed tomorrow’s due tasks. You may also contact me on my phone in case something urgent comes up.

I shall be much obliged to you for granting me the requested casual leave.


Hospital assistance

leave application for hospital assistance

I am working as an assistant accountant in the company. With immense grief, I want to inform you that my father is hospitalized due to a [REASON]. The doctor has suggested bed rest and until he gets discharged from the hospital, I must accompany him. I would like to apply for a three-day leave starting from 26.06.XX till 28.06.XX.

I have requested and guided Mark to cover for me in my absence. He is happy to take up my work. I can be contacted via email and call when needed. I can assure you to look after my pending work as I come back. I would be very grateful if you could approve my leave request.


Due to bad health condition

leave application due to bad health condition

With due respect, I want to mention that I have been working in the company as a [mention designation] for the last two years. I have always been a diligent workforce & for that purpose, you can check my record. I was feeling a real discomfort for the last week. Yesterday I paid a visit to my doctor & he told me that I am suffering from a bad stomach which has badly affected my gallbladder.

He further told me that I need a proper examination done followed by some blood tests. To follow the instructions of my doctor I need to take a break from the office work so that I can spare some proper time for my health. By keeping in view, the above-narrated situations, you are requested to grant me leave for a minimum of one week from [date] to [date].

I shall be utterly obliged if you consider my plea.


Due to bad weather

leave application due to bad weather

It is respectfully submitted that I come to the office from a great distance. I have learned about the forecasting of bad weather for the whole coming week from [date] to [date]. Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide me pick & drop due to many miles. I come on my own on daily basis via public transport which on normal days is manageable somehow but in such a rainy & stormy week I am afraid that I won’t be able to make sure of my regular presence in the office.

That is why I humbly request you to allow me to have off days when the weather is too averse to cover such a big deal of distance. I assure you that this rare absence in the coming week won’t affect my official targets to be completed on time. I shall be highly obliged for this act of kindness.


To attend sudden death

leave application to attend sudden death

It is requested that I have come to know the very sad news of my grandfather’s death in my hometown some time ago. I am in extreme grievance for the news.

I request you to kindly grant me leaves for about a week from [date] to [date] so that I may go to my family to console them & attend his funeral ceremony. I will appreciate this act of gentleness. Thanking you I remain.


To accompany a wife who’s on maternity leave

leave application to accompany wife on maternity

With much honor, it is stated that my wife is on her maternity leave & is only three weeks away from her delivery of our first child. This is the time when my wife & my child need me the most to take care of them in every possible way. Keeping in view my current situation I plea you to allow me to leave for at least three weeks from [date] to [date] until my child safely comes into the world as this is my right & obligation both at a time.

I knew that I will have to ask for these leaves which is why I have completed most of my tasks beforehand & have submitted them to the concerning authorities as well. During my absence, if you need any clarification or discussion to be made, I will be available on the video call to explain whatever the matter is. I will be highly indebted to you for this favor.


Annual leave request

leave application for annual leave

Most respectfully, I would like to apply for my annual leave. According to my work contract with you, I can go on annual leave for a period of 21 days. I believe this is the right time for me to avail of this leave since I have just completed my recent project and there are no more ongoing tasks now. I, therefore, request you to approve my application. I wish to start my leave period from Monday 5th April.

I would like to thank you in anticipation.


Family unforeseen situation

leave application for family unforeseen situation

With due honor, it is stated that suddenly, my family got trapped in some unforeseen problems. Being the sole wage earner, I must reach there as soon as possible. For that purpose, I appeal to you to kindly grant me leave for at least three days from [date] to [date].

I am on the lookout for your generous approval for this application. I hope that you will recognize the unusual situation & show your consent to leave. I shall be absolutely gratified abundantly.