Announcement Letter for Company Office Renovation

Renovation of a building is a basic process that involves repairing and improving the shape and look of an old and outdated building. Renovation is deemed very important for both commercial as well as residential buildings. However, for a successful business and for attracting customers to a building, it is very important to have the renovated and updated architecture of a building. If a business has good-looking architecture and looks premium from the outside as well as inside, it is more likely this is the reason businessmen keep renovating their offices and buildings over time. 

What is an announcement letter for company office renovation?

It is a formal letter of announcement in which the entire staff of the office is informed that the office is going to undergo renovation. Announcement letters are crucial for a company because they enable everyone in the company to know about a particular event or a happening. 

Why is it important to write a renovation announcement letter?

People who are directly or indirectly related to the office have to visit it frequently in a day or week. When an office undergoes the process of renovation, it is generally shut down for a while or shifted to another place. No matter what you choose to do with your office while it is being renewed, it is important to tell people that they cannot visit the office during that time. This way, you save people from the inconvenience they may face when they visit the office for some purpose and they go back because the office is being renovated. 

This announcement letter is for the workers who regularly work in the office, employees who visit the office to meet the manager, or those clients who come by for getting services or any sort of information. 

How to write an announcement letter for the renovation?

An announcement letter needs to be written formally and professionally and it should communicate the necessary details in an efficacious way. Here are the tips for writing a perfect announcement letter. 

Announce the renovation of the office:

Start the letter by announcing that the company’s office is going to be repaired. Mention the dates on which the office will remain closed for repair purposes. Also, discuss the time period in which you expect the renovation to be completed. Make sure that you use the letterhead of the company to give your announcement an official touch. 

State the purpose of renovation:

You are not obligated to mention the reason for the renovation. However, if you state the reason, you make it clear to the people that the office is being renovated because it was necessary, and people who are directly or indirectly related to the office also want to know what has caused you to take this decision. 

If you think that the renovation is going to be helpful for those who work in the office, you should discuss the potential benefits of the renovation. 

Describe where they can visit:

Usually, the main purpose of the letter is always to redirect people to a new location where the office has been shifted temporarily. Don’t forget to mention that the new location where people can visit is temporary and they should wait until they receive a new announcement letter regarding the completion of the renovation of the company’s office. 

In some cases, the office is not shifted to a new physical location, and the staff of the office is required to work online. Even in this situation, it is important to outline in the announcement letter how the staff of the office is supposed to be working and what the timings will be since the office timing may change due to the renovation it goes through. 

Thank the reader:

Before you move towards the closing of the letter, tell the staff members that you are thankful to them for showing cooperation and you also expect them to be patient while the overall look of the office is going to be improved. This will make it clear to the staff members that they are required to show patience and support while the office of the company is not in working condition. 

Sample Templates


Office renovation announcement letter to employees

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Office renovation announcement letter to employees

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