Warning Letter for not Achieving Sales Target

The workplace is committed to giving excellence to its employees. In the same way, there are many responsibilities of an employee in return. An employee is responsible for honestly performing the required tasks, achieving the desired goals, ensuring cooperation, safety and health.

A good teamwork from the employer and employees gives a good reputation, high ranking in the top chart, and higher profitability as well. Additionally, the communication level must be strong among the employer and employees. The communication gap is the main hurdle in achieving the desired objectives in the workplace.

All the branches of the company or organization have to perform their duties according to the required tasks. The sales department has much big responsibility. As money utilized is to be received with profit. This is the duty of sales department to make great sales. The department has to follow various tips and tactics regarding market strength, market growth, and market fluctuation.

A good knowledge of current market provides a great deal in achieving the required sales target. The research on the current market helps a lot is pricing and distribution. Following all such tactics, the sales department can meet the desired expectations.

Moreover, the sales manager is expected to monitor the sales plan regularly. By this way, it becomes easy to cope with the sales process. Once, the sales manager is not focusing constantly on achieving sales target; he is being warned. The warning is given after monitoring the performance for a consecutive time period. The warnings come along with the details about previous unsatisfactory performances.


The Letter

You were assigned to get 200 sales within a span of half of a month, but you were not able to touch that number. You only ended 150 of your given target. From trustworthy sources and after observing your routine for the last two months, we discovered that you have been incapable of meeting the daily and monthly objectives.

The association has clarified all the rapports and settings and the exertion anticipated from you, since the orientation day.

You approved to put up with the rules then correspondingly. It is estimated that you achieve the goal fixed by the organization. If you face any complications in work, do bring it to the notice of the apprehensive power. Your work will be under stringent surveillance for the next two months. Flop to encounter the board during this period would clue to grave magnitudes, including curative dealings or even cessation of your service.


Warning letter for not achieving sales target


The Letter Template

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