Task Completion Email to Manager

Contacting your boss for sharing details or for asking any question is very common. Sometimes, you are required to contact your boss when you want to share an update on the task that was assigned to you. In most cases, employees write emails because email is the quickest mode of communication that can take place in the office setting. 

What is a task completion email?

There are different types of tasks a person may be assigned. In some cases, an employee is expected to complete the task on very short notice and then share the update with the manager. If the employee has completed the task, he will write a task completion email to the manager.

This email lets the manager know that the employee has completed the task that was assigned to him. When the manager receives the email, he can check and review the task that was submitted by the employee.

Why it is necessary to write a task completion email to the manager?

You are required to write an email to the manager when you complete the task because of the following reasons:

  1. Your manager is a busy person who does not have time to keep a check on the accomplishment of each task that he assigns to his subordinates. So, when he receives the email, he gets a kind of notification about the completion of the task and comes to know which task he should review.
  2. When you want to let your manager know that you have met the deadline because sometimes, the manager reviews your work quite late and does not come to know whether you have respected the time constraint or not.
  3. There are often so many details of the task that would like to share with the boss before he starts reviewing the accomplished work. In this email, the employee provides the details of the task also which makes it easy for the manager to figure out which task you are referring to.

How to write a task accomplishment email?

Your email to your manager is a professional correspondence that needs to be very formal and written. Here is a description of a few steps that can be followed for writing a professional email:

Start with the relevant subject:

Your email’s subject should be relevant to the information you are sharing with the manager so that the manager can easily understand what the email contains.

Mention the completion of the task:

Inform the reader that you have completed the work that was assigned to you by the manager. Mention the deadline by which you were supposed to complete the work and the date on which you completed the work. 

Give details of the work:

Mention the specifics of the work you have accomplished so that the manager has an idea about your work when he reviews it. Make sure that you are honest when you give work specifics.

Ask for reviewing your work:

Ask the manager to review the work you have done and ask him to give feedback so that you can know how well you have done your work. It also shows your interest in the work you are assigned with.

Be thankful:

At the end of the email, say thank you to your manager for reviewing your email and giving his time to it.

Sample task completion email:

Subject: Task completion status for [XYZ]

Respected sir,

I am emailing you to let you know that I have completed the task that was assigned to me on 10th Feb 20XX. The details of the task are given below:

[Give details of the task]

I would like to inform you that I completed the task on time and submitted it to your office. You are requested to review the accomplished task and give feedback to me. I am open to reading your comments. Thank you so much for reviewing this email and giving your time to it. If you want to ask me anything regarding the completed task I submitted today, you can contact me on my official number.


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Task Completion Email to Manager

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