Computer Training Proposal Letter to Company

Re. Computer Training Proposal Letter w.r.t RFPL Dated [date]

Dear Mr. [Name], I am delighted to receive your email on [date]. I am sorry for not being able to respond immediately as it was the weekend. Your email states to request a proposal letter on the issues of training on the security of the website and company’s database. According to the stated problem, it was told that the company needs to design a security policy that can keep it from security evading groups and hacking agents.

Our company has been working on computer-engineered security software building and modification for more than ten years. We are a [city]-based private company that works on security problems in modern technology and IOTC services. Moreover, we work on projects related to Java-OLC and basic programming skills enhancement. We outsource services for companies like yours to provide solutions to security problems. We provide advanced training on different computer skills enhancement.


Our objective is to provide training to the staff members who operate the company’s database and work internally for the company’s website. With ever-increasing IT innovations and various methods to achieve malicious goals of stealing data and hacking databases, increased threats have been observed in tech firms and organizations like yours. We provide solutions to security issues and outsource security services.

We believe in making firms and organizations skilled and trained enough who work independently to prevent security problems. Cyber security training is key to preventing security evading agents and problems related to security assertion and reiteration. 

Proposed Solution:

We, as an expert security services provider, propose the solution to the security problems faced by the company by providing high-quality training to up-skill and enhance the dexterity of the staff members who deal with the database of the company.

This training would prove to be highly productive and will allow you to self-invest in cyber security with the help of employees operating the company’s database. In this way, your company will make a one-time investment in the training of the employees and will not have to pay for outsourced services every month which is expensive and difficult to keep quality assured.


The training will be a three-month course to increase the skillset of your permanent employees. We will take four employees as batch 1 and the other three as batch 2 in the next phase. This training will cost a total amount of USD [X] to you.

This includes accommodation services, tea, and lunch services, and highly efficient laptops for the trainees. This budget also includes the revised prices of GST imposed by the government. A detailed cost analysis has been done and attached to the letter in the form of an Excel sheet. The budget can be discussed further if you are interested in the proposed solution.


It can be evaluated from the above-mentioned proposed solution, objectives of the project, and the budget statement that the project can be achieved by proposing high-quality training to the specific staff members to combat the cyber security problems in the system database of the company.

To discuss further, please contact me at [email address] or [phone number]. I am available if you need to meet and discuss it this week. Thank you for considering us.



Computer Training Proposal Letter to Company

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